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Q: What was life like living inside a square keep castle?
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Is warwick castle a motte and bailey castle or a concentric castle or a square stone keep?

square stone keep castle

What is a stone or square keep castle?

A stone or square keep castle is the extention of a motte and bailey castle.

What is the difference between a stone keep castle and a square keep castle?

there is no difference between a stone and square keep castle, it just means a motte and bailey castle that has been developed from wood to stone.

What type of castle is Rochester Castle?

It is a square keep castle.

Is square keep a castle?

No, it is part of a castle.

What sort of castle came before the concentric castle and after the square or rectangular keep?

round keep castle.

Why is motte and bailey castle better than square keep?

Its not because its weaker and leaks but the square keep castle is strong

What are square keep castles?

A Square Keep Castle is an extension from a motte and bailey castleand can be called two different things, Square Keep Castle or a Stone Keep Castles. The reason from both of these names is that they were square and they were made out of stone.

What was life like in a square keep castle?

Life in a square keep castle ends up making you into a crazy person. You start looking for circular objects but you are in the square keep castle so there isn't any. and you start to become gay>

What type of castle is hever castle?

Hever castle is a square keep type castle with a moat.

Is warwick castle a motte and bailey castle or a concentric castle or a square keep castle?


What was bad about square keep castle?

it wasn't part of the castle

What kind of castle is bamburgh castle?

square keep and stone

What are the characteristics of the square keep castle?

it is square and fortified

What is a keep on a square stone keep castle?

its a alien

What is the difference between a round keep castle and a concentric castle?

a round keep castle has round corners so it is harder for it to be undermined A concentric castle is basically square

What is the difference between a square keep castle and a concentric castle?

A Square Keep castle usually sits on a hill. It only has 1 wall of defence, whereas a concentric castle usually has about 3 thick walls. Concentric's also have a keep in the middle that has a wall 2.5 metres thick!

When was the first square keep castle built?

In Britain, the first stone keep castle was built around 1100.

A labeled diagram of a medieval castle?

a labelled diagram of a square keep castle

Shape and design of a square keep castles?

the shape and design of a square keep castle is a large castle and is made of stone and is good enjoy xx

What is a keep in a motte and bailey castle?

I think that the Keep in a Motte and Bailey castle is the building in the centre or the castle. Becaus if you take a Square keep castle the building in the middle (the castle) is square so it gives off the impression that it is the keep.actually a keep is a place were the king and his soldiers would hide when there in a battles (mostly with the Anglo Saxons)

What are the strenghs of a square keep castle?


Which is better round keep castle or Square keep castles?

a round keep is better

What is the difference between a shell keep castle and a round keep castle?

The difference is that a shell keep is at the top of the top of the motte and the square keep is outside the the castle like an extension

Is Blarney Castle a stone keep castle?

Yes it is the "Keep" is the tower inside the walls people sought refuge during a seige