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What was like in Vietnam after the Vietnam War?

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The two Vietnams become ONE Vietnam (one country-albeit a communist country).

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i think people not like war because people Vietnam died .

The US doesn't like it, but Vietnam was the first war they lost.

Like the US Civil War in the 1860s the Vietnam War in the 1960s divided America.

The Vietnam War was a "limited war"; limited to conventional weapons only (nukes not allowed). It was fought as both a guerrilla war in South Vietnam and as a conventional war against North Vietnam. Like the US Civil War of the 1860s, the Vietnam War of the 1960s was an un-declared war.

The Vietnam war started in 1962. Because that is when it looked like South Vietnam was going to fall to communism

There were four types of warfare occurring in Vietnam: 1. The Air War over North Vietnam. 2. The Riverine war in South Vietnam. 3. The Ground War in South Vietnam. 4. The Covert War in Laos/Cambodia.

Vietnam - It was a civil war, much like Korea, and like Korea, the USSR and USA intervened.

There was no Fort Sumter for the Vietnam War; the war started like a grew.

Like Korea, it was an undeclared war.

Unfortunately, before the Vietnam War, as you know it, Vietnam was still embroiled in war. Another words, before the Vietnam War, there already was another war in Vietnam...the 1st Indochina War (also called the French War). And before the French War was the Japanese occupation during WWII...which was a guerrilla war fought against Imperial Japanese occupation forces (supported by the US/Allies).

Social legislation slowed down because of the cost of Vietnam. Vietnam cost so much that there was less money for the war on poverty.

No, the Vietnam War was in Vietnam

More war. Before the Vietnam War, there was the other Vietnam War (French Indochina War, aka 1st Indochina War). Before that war, there was WWII. So, they had about 3 wars straight for 35 years.

We did not like what they were doing in Iraq

The war in South Vietnam began by infiltration (slowly like cancer). The war against North Vietnam commenced after the Tonkin Gulf incident (two sea battles in August '64).

Most people in the US NEVER HEARD OF VIETNAM before the war.

The conditions in the Vietnam war was that it was like a Jungle with tall grasses and fill up with boofy traps

South Vietnam was an agriculture based society (a farming life).

It was not a civil war because it was mainly The North Vietnam Army (NVA) vs the United States and our allies like Australia.

in order to prevent South Vietnam from becoming communist like North Vietnam.

the war was fought between south Vietnam and north Vietnam from 1959 to 1975· People in Vietnam have potbelly pigs as pets· In Vietnam, instead of bells, gongs are used to call children.· Vietnam is shaped like the letter "S".

Just common people making a living, like everywhere else; up until WW2 (1940 for Indochina). At that point in time, Vietnam was at war until 1975.

The Vietnam War ended in 1975.

With North Vietnam (not Vietnam; Vietnam was created after the war). No, the US did not win the war.

the war between Vietnam and the USA the winner was Vietnam

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