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What was lincoln' s major goal during civil war?

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His main goal was to win the Civil War and maintain the federal union .

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Abraham Lincoln was president at the time of the US Civil War. His goal was to end the Southern rebellion. He was a Unionist and not a Confederate.

Lincoln's major goal during the Civil War was to to preserve the union.preserve the union

During the American Civil War, the President of the Union (i.e., the United States), Abraham Lincoln, had one persistently pursued goal, namely, preservation of the Union. As the war progressed, the abolition of slavery became another desperately sought goal of Lincoln and many other Northerners, not to overlook many of the enslaved Americans in the South.

To reunite the country, even if it meant banning or allowing slavery.

To defeat the Confederate armies and bring the rebel states back into the Union.

The main goal Of US President Lincoln was to put down the Southern rebellion and unify the US. Later on he added to this his goal of ending slavery.

The major goal of civil rights movement of the 1960s was to end segregation based on race.

President Lincoln was a major participant in planning the Union's goal of ending the Southern rebellion. He set goals and appointed the top generals. He was a major force in keeping the North opposed to the Confederacy. Some historians believe, however, that Lincoln was overly involved. He sometimes disrupted the normal chain of command which created a certain mistrust among his generals.

Early on, Lincoln wanted to reunite the Union. Later, he added Emancipation as a goal.

The major goal was to steal all the pretty ladies.

The official goal of the North at the beginning of the Civil War was to try adn preserve the Union. The Abolishment of Slavery was not intended. It happened to come about through the war. The main goal however of Abraham Lincoln at the beginning of the Civil War was to preserve the Union and bring it back together as painlessly as possible. Unfortunately he was assassinated before he could put his plans into affect during the post Civil War period.

A major goal of the farmers during the Progressive Era was to correct the abuses of big business and to end segregation in the south.

he was president during the civil war, yet there is controversy over whether he was an effective leader or not. if you look at it from the goal he strived to achieve, that of preserving the union after the south seceded, then he was successful. "life" for lincoln ended with his assassination in Ford's theatre.

To bring the Southern states back into the Union.

Reclaiming lost territory in the West

President Abraham Lincoln's main goal as the US president was to end the Southern rebellion. Which was the US Civil War. He therefore appointed generals, made military decisions, and did everything in his power to reunite the United States. He was successful in that endeavor.

To change social patterns that cause inequality.

to change social patterns that cause inequality (APEX)

defeat the confederate forces and re-unite the union

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