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What was makeup like in 1970's?

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Women loved using white eyeliner in the 1970's as well as black. If using black, remember to apply it as you would any eyeliner, but smudge it for a smoky effect. Also, apply it beneath the bottom lashes as well. Remember, lots of shimmer! Blue, green, brown, the eyeshadows were all about shimmery effect. There were eye shadows that claimed to have crushed fish scales in them to really make them shine. The eyeshadow was used underneath the lashes as well as on top of the eyelid. To enhance this, apply brown eyeshadow right beneath the brow bone, in the crease of the eye. Don't forget to put a little white shimmer right beneath the eyebrow. For the cheeks, gel blush was very popular, anything that could be applied with the fingertips to the cheeks was considered stylish. For blondes, use pinks and mauves; for brunettes, use a coral pallette. You can achieve this effect by using Max Factor's Lip Finity, or any similar lip stain or regular lipstick. Pressed powder on the face was not used because it cancelled out the effect of the shimmer. Lips were all about shine with a tint, which is still available in every makeup department. No lip liner. Earthtones were also very popular and remember, tans were in! The darker the tan the better, so get out your bronzer before applying blush and eyeshadow.

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