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Martin Luther King, Jr.â??s father was named Martin Luther King, Sr. He was born Michael King, but changed his name, as well as his sonâ??s name.

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What is Martin Luther Kings Jr's dads name?

... Martin Luther King Sr, of course.

What was Martin Luther Kings real name?

martin Luther king jrs. real name was Michael.

What were the names of Martin Luther King Jr's parents?

martin Luther king sr. and mrs. kingHis dads name was Martin Luther King Sr.

Martin Luther Kings parents name?

Reverned Martin Luther King and Alberta Williams

What is Martin Luther King father and mother name?

His mother name is "ALBERTA WILLIAMS KING"Martin Luther kings had a mother called Alberta Williams King. His Fathers name was Martin Luther King Sr. Martin Luther Kings Jr. real name is Michael, we don't really know why he changed his name?

What is the real name of Martin Luther Kings mother?

Martin Luther Kings's mother name is Alberta Christine Williams King.

What was martin luthurs kings name at birth?

The same as at his death... Martin Luther King !

What is Martin Luther King Jr's mom's name?

Alberta Williams King. was Martin Luther Kings Jr mom

What was Martin Luther Kings jr wife name?

Martin Luther King, Jr's wife was Coretta Scott King.

What is martin Luther kings mother name?

his mother name is grace and king

What was Martin Luther Kings parents names?

His name was Martin Luther King Jr. so his father's name was obviously the same, his mother's name was Alberta.

What is Martins real name?

Martin Luther Kings name is actually Michael. He thought Martin Luther King sounded better, so he changed it.

Was Martin Luther Kings real name was Ricky Bobby IV?

no, his real name is Michael Luther king

Martin Luther king jrs mom name?


What was Martin Luther Kings fathers name?

Martin Luther King, at least the famous civil rights activist, was actually named Martin Luther King Jr., therefore his father's name was Martin Luther King as well, and he was a priest. Martin Luther King Sr.'s, the priest, father's name was James "Jim" King.

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