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Q: What was more important to the Plains Indians the horse or the buffalo?
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After the buffalo the most important animal to the Plains Indians was the?


How did the plains indians rely on the horse and the buffalo?

The plains Indians relied on the buffalo as a source of food. They relied on horses as a source of transportation. They also used the horses to hunt the buffalo.

How did the plains Indians prepare for war?

they prepare with buffalo an d horse

Which animal made the buffalo hunt easier for the Indians on the great plains?

The horse.

Why was the horse so valauble to the western plains Indians?

why were horses important to the western plains indians

What animals are important to native Americans?

The horse, buffalo, and the dog were important to plains tribes.

Which animal was more important to the Western Plains Indians the buffalo or the horse?

Many Western Plains Indians relied heavily on bison. They used everything on bison including their skin, hair, and meat in order to survive.

Why were horses important to plains Indians?

The horse was important for their nomadic lifestyle. it allowed them to travel on the plains. It also helped them keep up with the buffalo and hunt them. It was seen as bravery to steal horses from other tribes.

How were the horse and buffalo important to the Plains people?

The horse provided a means of transportation for the Plains people, and the buffalo provided many things for these people, including food, clothing, and shelter.

What two animals were important for native Americans living on the plains?

buffalo, horse

How did the horse and buffalo influence the native American life on the great plains?

The horse enabled the plains Indians to hunt buffalo more easily, resulting in a surplus of food. They also helped the nomads to move around more efficiently.

How did the plains Indians hunt buffalo before the introduction of the horse?

Before the plains indians had horses they hunted buffalo by killing foxes and wrapping up in the fox skin. They did this because the buffalo wasn't scared of the fox due to the fact that it was much bigger than foxes so the plains indians approached them and took them out with their arrows. hope this helped.. -Jay Marsh

Was the buffalo or the horse more important to the western plains Indians?

The buffalo was more important to the western plains indians due to many factors. The native americans relied on the buffalo for many resources, from food to basic needs of soap and hairbrushes. However, the horses only made journeys for the americans easier and quicker, they didnt develop an easier way of general life for them

What was the most important thing the Plains Indians got from the Europeans?

The most important resource the plains Indians got from the Europeans was the horse (which had become extinct in the western hemisphere by 10,000 b.c.e.) Cortes reintroduced the horse to the Americans after the 16th century. By the 18th century, the plains Indians had made them a large part of their culture. Mounted Indians could run down buffalo instead of staking them on foot. They could move and fight more effectively, as well as traveling with more possessions and larger tepees.

Who introduced the horse to the Plains Indians?

The Spaniards!

What was the second most important resource to the Plains People?

While the buffalo was the most important resource, the second most important resource became the horse.

What animal did the Spanish introduce to the plains Indians?

the horse

Why were the horse and buffalo so important to native Americans?

The Plains Indians used pretty much all of the buffalo when they killed it. (Meat for eating, hide for covering, bones for building, tendons for rope) When the buffalo was killed off by the railroaders and settlers and pioneers, the Indians lost all the resources given by the buffalo. Because the buffalo was so useful, the Indians had depended on it and when they were killed, they lost their entire way of life.The horse is kinda funky. The horse is fairly new to America, with the first horses being brought by the Spaniards in the conquest of Cortez. The horse is incredibly strong, ridiculously fast, and a weapon in its own right through trampling. This superiority in battle made the Plains Indians pretty much invincible in their homeland (Not so much in trees, but really really good in flat spots) They also used horses when they died in much the same way they used the buffalo, making them a valuable resource and a formidable weapon.

Why were the horse and buffalo inprtant for th plain Indians?

The horse for mobility, buffalo for food, shelter, clothing and tools made of bone or horn.

How did the Plain Indians rely on the horse and buffalo?

sneak bo hometown

The introduction of what animal by the spanish changed the culture of the plains Indians?


How did the plains indians live before the arrival of horse?

They traveled on foot

What was Pocahontas's horse's name?

She didn't have one, costal Indians did not often have horses, plains Indians however did...

How did horses and traders change the way of life of the Plains Indians?

how did the horse change the Indians way of life

Which civilization used a travois attached to a horse to pull their belongings?

the plains indians