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Q: What was neil Armstrong's career life?
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What Was Neil Armstrongs Career?

Neil Armstrong was a navy pilot, and took part in the Korean war, he was then chosen as a astronaut, and so became the first man to walk on the moon.He is now retired.

What is Neil Armstrongs whole name?

Neil Armstrong name is Neil Alden Armstrong.

Who was neil Armstrongs wife?

Neil Armstrong's wife was Janet Shearon.

What are Neil Armstrong parents jobs?

Neil Armstrongs parents are dead.

Who was neil armstrongs brothers wife?

Neil Armstrong's brother is actually not dating anyone.

Did neil armstrongs siblings die?


Who are Neil Armstrongs children?

Karol and Erick

Who is Neil armstrongs FAmily?

$$ *?!Me!?* $$

Who was neil armstrongs partner?

Edwin Aldrin

What was Neil Armstrongs wife called?


Neil Armstrongs rockets name Apollo?

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What Was Neil Armstrongs Dads Name?


When did Neil armstrongs mom die?


Was Neil Armstrongs pet a girl?


What is Neil Armstrongs hair color?


Who is Neil Armstrongs brother?

Neil Armstrong's brother is Lance Armstrong(the cycling champion.)

What is Neil Armstrong's favorite sport?

Neil Armstrongs favourite sport was always golf.

What where Neil Armstrong's later years habbies?

What where Neil armstrongs later year habbies

Who is neil armstrong's wife today?

are neil armstrongs wife and kids still alive

What was the tragety in Neil Armstrongs life?

He Got Divorced and his child died that was named Karen and his finger was cut off and he had a heart attack.

How long was Neil Armstrongs Flight?

15 hours

What is the name of neil armstrongs mom?

molly little

What was Neil Armstrongs spacecraft called?

Apollo 11

What is neil armstrongs's birthday?


Was there a eagle on the top of Neil Armstrongs flag?