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What was new at Disneyland in 2007?

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September 13, 2011 3:48PM

At Disneyland in California, during the year 2007, many great things happened to the park. More tawards the beginning of the year, Pirates of the Caribbean was redone to feature some new effects, new secenes, and some new figures from the movie. It also had an extensive make-over in its shop.

Finding nemo Submarine Voyage also opened. It featured the same track as the old submarine ride and other new scenes. it uses state of the art technology along with eco-friendly materials to imporve the ride.

Disneyland also started to show a new plan to redo California Adventure. They also started work on the new Toy Story Midway Mania in California Adventure.

In 2007 Disney Parks began "the year of a million dreams." During the course of a year the parks were going to give away one million prizes. You had to be in the park in order to receive these prizes but they were handed out at random. The prizes included

Dream fastpasses

A one night stay in the Mickey Mouse Penthouse.

A one night stay in The Cinderella Castle suit

A Pair of dream mouse ears

A lifetime subscription to the Disney vacation club.

A year long pass to Disneyland/or other Disney parks

The chance to be a grand martial of Disneyland/disneyworld parks across the globe.

This and many other opportunities made 2007 a year to remember. Disney has decided to extend this celebration into 2008. Hope that helps.