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he helped the war end and helped us get all of are pows back from the north vietnams


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ending the vietnam war

LBJ was cautious. Nixon was aggressive.

More American troops were coming home.

1974 he ended the Vietnam war. Opened China to trade.

An exchange of prisoners of war with north Vietnam

Cease the B-52 bombings of North Vietnam, regain our POW's being held in the North, and depart the country.

Novanet ~ South Vietnam would learn to defend itself

Nixon's stance on Vietnam was that it served no purpose whatsoever. In fact, he was the one who called back American troops and put a stop to the war.

Half of it did. The US got out, but the North won the war (took over the South).

Nova Net Review Test Answer: That South Vietnam would learn to protect itself.

He wanted COSVN either destroyed or captured. COSVN was the "Central Office of South Vietnam." An enemy headquarters in Cambodia.

answer- a gradual handover of the ground war to South Vietnamese follow on twitter/instagram @bryanelffie

They withdrew from South Vietnam in defeat.

To keep Vietnam from going nuclear. Vietnam was part of the cold war.

china gave weapons to north Vietnam

U.S Forces would withdraw and ARVN troops would try to reunite Vietnam under a single flag.

President Nixons daughter married President Nixons daughter married

The US was at war with North Vietnam (informally-not with documents signed/declaration of war).

How did the role the American media played in the Vietnam War.

Destroying communists in South Vietnam, and destroying the communist's will to make war in North Vietnam (bombing them during the air war).

Australia sent one squadron of Centurion tanks and infantry and artillerymen to South Vietnam.

Between 1962 and 1972 about 50,000 Australian servicemen and women served in Vietnam.

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