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Combat positions. They could be a nurse, work in offices, and be a driver, but not fight. It is only recently women have been allowed to be fighter pilots.

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No women were not allowed to vote in colonial america

Women were not allowed to serve in the militaryduring WWI

Women have been allowed to join the military in most countries for at least 50 years.

Do women have vaginas? Yes women in America are allowed to vote.

Women in Military Service for America Memorial was created in 1997.

Because it would be sexist not to allow them in the military.

When women were allowed to join the military, they were placed on the battlefield as nurses, just as they had been during the Civil War era. The U.S. Military also created branches such as the WAC, or Womens Air Corp. Women performed flying duties around the American borders so that more men were available on the front. There's women were known as WASPs.

The filled the jobs men left to serve in the military

Women had no role considering that there were no womens rights only men were allowed in

1992 - that was the year when the first women were allowed to attend the Army School of Administration, in Bahia.

women are not allowed into a mosque during menstrual cycle.

As many that are qualified and want to join.

In the United States, there were some special branches that allowed women during World War 1. It wasn't until the late 1940's that they were allowed to be permanent members of the armed forces.

They were allowed to vote at this time

Women have served in the military since 1885. At first they were only allowed to be nurses. During WW1, they filled many other roles, including drivers. Combat ranks opened to women in 1989 and warships allowed women aboard 1991. In 2006, Capt. Nichola Goddard was the first woman killed in active combat.

Psychological Operations and Civil Affairs.

It is the act that allowed soldiers fighting for Canada during the war to vote, alongside women who were working for the war.

About 350,000 US women served in the US military.

Anyone 18 or over. Military service is required for males when they turn 18. They are allowed to do civil service if they do not wish to serve in the military but this takes longer. Women are not required to serve.

To free up the men for front line duty.

i dont know the answer that is why i want you to tell me

Woman have the same rights as men to join the United States Military. However there are some jobs that they are not allowed to hold. Women are not allowed in Direct Combat related jobs. There are loop holes that allow women to pilot combat aircraft and to serve in the Military Police.

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