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Here are some results of expansion into the Louisiana purchase:

  • Exploration and settlement
  • Border disputes
  • Increased trade
  • Problems with governance
  • New states, and resultant change in political balance
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After the war with Mexico Texas became the lone republic of Texas

The Louisiana purchase was acquired through military force

The transcontinental Railroad was built in what States and Territories

What wereIndian tribes that lived in the Louisiana purchase

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The middle of the United States was bought and became States.

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Lewis and Clark

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Q: What was one result of the Lousiana Purchase?
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What happened in1803?

Lousiana Purchase

Which purchase doubled the size of the us?

The Louisiana Purchase.

What was the name of the purchase that was named after King Louis XIV?

the lousiana purchase

When did the US purchase South Dakota?

In 1803 as a part of the Lousiana Purchase from France.

Can you use Lousiana purchase in a sentence?

Yes you can for example, The Louisiana Purchase doubled the United States.

What happen in 1803?

- / * It Was The Lousiana Purchase Tht Happenedd In 1803 ; (:

What president claimed that the Louisiana purchase was one of his greatest achievement although he wasn't president at the time?

James Monroe. He, along with Robert Livingston, negogiated the treaty to purchase Lousiana

What was intended by Republicans of the Jeffersonian era to address what they perceived as bad Federalist policy?

Lousiana Purchase

What events between 1789-1900 made the US grow in size and world power?

The Lousiana Purchase

What was jeffersons reaction to the Louisiana purchase?

Despite having qualm about the constitutionality of the purchase, Jefferson pushed for its completion. After it was made, he commissioned Lewis and Clark to explore it and make notes of what they found.

Why did thomas jefferson send meriwether lewis to philadelphia?

to explore the new land accquired throught the lousiana purchase