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what were the routes ponce de leon went on

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Ponce De Leons birthday?

what is ponce de leons birthday

What were ponce de leons reasons for exploration?

to find land, gold and the fountain of youth.

What was ponce de leons ship called?

what was juan ponce de leons ship called?

How can you describe juan ponce de leons crew?

ponce de leons crew was strong loyal and trust worthy

When was ponce de leons voyage?

ponce De Leon's first voyage was in February 1512

Ponce de leons ship?

ponce de leon was a European explorer. his journey was to reach the foutain of youth.

Juan ponce de leons childhood?

he was born in the sea.

Who was Ponce de Leons parents names?

no one realy knows who's Ponce de leon's parents name are

Who paid for Juan Ponce de Leon's voyage?

Ferdinand ll of Aragon paid for ponce de Leons voyage.

What were Juan Ponce De Leons accomplishments?

Juan Ponce de Leon, a Spanish explorer and conquistador, was the first person to create a settlement in Puerto Rico and he also helped lead the exploration of Florida. He is associated with the myth of the Fountain of Youth.

Who paid for Ponce De Leons expedition?

He sponsored his own trip.

What was Ponce de Leons goals?

Ponce de Leon traveled to the New World in order to find gold and the Fountain of Youth.

What did Ponce de Leon do on his exploration?

On Ponce DE Leon's exploration he went to Florida in search of the fountain of youth.

What was juan ponce de leons motivation?

Ponce de Leon wanted to find the Fountain of Youth, become wealthy, and live forever.

What were Juan Ponce De Leons hopes?

He wanted to find the Fountain of Youth.

Who were Ponce de Leons Crew members?

Diego Bermudas was the captain of the flagship

Where was juan ponce de leons destination?

i dont know that is why i am asking u

Who is ponce de leons kids names?

there names are Maria, Juana, Isabella, and Luis!

What was Ponce De Leons culture?

he is the coolest bob joe ever. bob is cool

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