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What was samurai status in the 1900s?

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They had none, they had been banned.

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What is the difference between a samurai and a ronin?

A ronin is a samurai. Samurai was a status in Japan. A ronin was simply someone of samurai status that had no clan affiliation.

How were daimyo and samurai alike?

Samurai is a status in Japan. Daimyo is an occupation. A daimyo is someone of samurai status who owned an estate.

Who controlled the Samurai's in the 1900s?

The samurai were no longer in control and no longer did their duty as Samurai instead went on to do other jobs

What order are samuraishogundaimyo in Medieval hierarchy?

Samurai was a status. All daimyo and shogun were of samurai status. Bushi was a warrior. If you would "rank" them, it would be: Bushi-Daimyo-Shogun.

Who would be a samurai?

"Samurai" was a hereditary title, meaning you were born into a samurai family and had no choice about becoming one. If not born samurai it was essentially impossible to become one, as samurai status was something that was given or taken at the will of the local daimyo (lord). And since the title and its associated benefits was considered the highest honour, the title was given to non-samurai families extremely rarely.

Why are samurai important in japan?

Because Western people find their ethics appealing, Japanese people, even whose ancestors have nothing to do with samurai, have started to use the values of samurai to make themselves look nicer. Samurai used to be the ruling class in Japan, and the families of samurai ancestry have had certain status even the hierarchical system is abolished.

What were the samurai's privileges?

The samurai of ancient Japan could wear two swords, were the highest level of hierarchy, and could behead anyone they wanted to, just because they wanted to. Of course, if a samurai happened to kill someone of high status, or especially their ruler, they would face challenges including being demoted in their status. Many samurai would commit seppuku if that were to happen, which is a ritual , honorable suicide for the ancient samurai. They would cut their abdomen open and be beheaded by an assistant. Also, the samurai were very respected. Peasants looked up to them greatly.

What skills do you need to be a samurai?

the samurai were abolished by the emperor of japan during the meiji era. as a result it is no longer possible to attain the status of samurai. however before the meiji era samurai were required to study the Bugei Juhappan which refers to 18 martial skills to be learnt by the common Japanese warrior. on top of this samurai were supposed to learn noncombat skills such as poetry, flower arranging and etiquette.

What was a samurai's role in society?

The samurai were a status people in Japan. They were like medieval knights, elite fighting force that had status, usually money and land. They only served their master. Samurai often used poor people or criminals to perform sword cutting techniques. Not as honorable as hollywood would have you believe.

What was a right that the samurai had?

They could kill any lower classed commoner that did not give them the due respect. they could wear two swords unlike others. they inherited their status from their parents both genders could be a samurai

Why do samurai become samurai?

Samurai don't become Samurai, they are born in to a samurai clan. Generally both parents come from a Samurai family, but the father has to be a Samurai if the son is to be a Samurai.

what is seppuku and bushido?

Seppuku was a ritual form of suicide performed by the samurai. Bushido means "way of the warrior". This was a code that was popularized in Edo period Japan to justify the lofty status of the samurai class within Japanese society.

Can you become a samurai?

No,Samurai don't become Samurai, they are born in to a samurai clan. Generally both parents come from a Samurai family, but the father has to be a Samurai if the son is to be a Samurai.

How do samurais train?

Kenjutsu, the art of the sword was the Samurais primart teaching. some studied jujitsu and other forms of fighting. However, since the status of the samurai was herreditaty, not all were trained. For example: You didnt earn the fight to be a samurai, you were born into it. So as you might have guessed, just because you are a samurai does not mean you are a trained fighter.

What year was the last amendment to the constitution added?

in the 1900s in the 1900s 1900s

What is a geisha samurai?

Historically there are no geisha samurai. It was impossible for a woman to become a samurai. Geisha often entertained samurai but were never considered a samurai themselves.

Why do you become a samurai?

Samurai don't become Samurai, they are born in to a samurai clan. Generally both parents come from a Samurai family, but the father has to be a Samurai if the son is to be a Samurai. So it's kind of like asking why do royals become royal?

How do you spell samurai?


Are the daughters of samurai samurai?

no they are not

What is the origin of the word 'samurai'?

The English word samurai was directly transferred from the Japanese word samurai in 1727.

Is a samurai sword Japanese or Chinese?

Samurai were from Japan, and the samurai sword is from Japan.

What are the release dates for Samurai Jack - 2001 Samurai Versus Samurai 4-3?

Samurai Jack - 2001 Samurai Versus Samurai 4-3 was released on: USA: 28 June 2003

What is the legendary six samurai and six samurai?

The Six Samurai are a series of Yu-Gi-Oh monsters representing a famous band of samurai warriors, as well as a few associated characters like their grandmaster. Legendary Six Samurai are the previous generation of Six Samurai, and you can see that they still exist in the present time, ie, Legendary Six Samurai Shi En -> Great Shogun Shien, Legendary Six Samurai Enishi -> Enishi - Shien's Chancellor, Legendary Six Samurai Kageki -> Chamberlain of the Six Samurai, Legendary Six Samurai Mizuho -> Hand of the Six Samurai, Legendary Six Samurai Shinai -> Spirit of the Six Samurai, Legendary Six Samurai Kizan -> Grandmaster of the Six Samurai.

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