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What was sanitation like in the World War 1 trenches?

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The latrines was the name given to trench toilets. They were usually pits, 4 ft. to 5 ft. deep, dug at the end of a short sap. Each company had two sanitary personnel whose job it was to keep the latrines in good condition. In many units, officers gave out sanitary duty as a punishment for breaking army regulations. Before a change-over in the trenches, the out-going unit was supposed to fill in its latrines and dig a new one for the new arrivals.

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What was life like in the world war 2 trenches?

World War 2 was a mobile war. There few trenches that lasted more than a few months.

What was the trenches like in World War 1?

they were horrible

What were the trenches like in World War 2?


What was war like on land in world war 1?

trenches, shooting at each other, really bad conditions in the trenches.

What were the conditions for the soldiers during World War I?

Deplorable sanitation conditions in the trenches led to outbreaks of disease. Trench Foot was pandemic, and morale was low.

What were the conditions of the trenches like in world war 2?

I believe that the trenches wouldn't have been much better than they were in world war 1. If they were better, they would have been more like the ones the Germans had in world war 1.

What were the trenches like in World War I?

The trenches were ditches with barbed wire on the enemy side. They were often wet.

What does the trenches mean in World War 1?

they fought in the trenches ww1 was known as a war in the trenches

What was life like in the trenches during World War 2?

it as better than world war 1

What were World War 2 trenches like?

there really wasnt trnch warfare in world war 2

What were the possible hazards faced by soldiers in the trenches during World War 1?

Trench foot. Shell shock. Dysentery. Diseases. Lack of sanitation. rats.

What were the trenches like in the ww1?

The trenches in World War I were miserable places where disease, lice, and hunger usually roamed.

What were the slugs like in the trenches in world war 1?

they were red and discusting

What did world war 1 soldiers like about trenches?

because there is poalo in there

What were the Trenches of World War 2?

they were loads of fights in the world war 2 but the trenches saved a few of them if you would like any more help go to www.Trench

What was life like in the trenches of World War I?

Life in the trenches of World War I was no picnic. Specifically, snipers and disease caused soldiers to die on a daily basis. There were rat infestations in the trenches, and lice and other vermin were common problems.

How long did the trenches stretch and were trenches used during World War 2?

Trenches were a trademark of the first World War. They were extensive and elaborate. They were not used in World War II. Are you trying to find out the length of ALL the trenches together?

What were the World War I trenches?

the melting tae or tobol will melt like lava

What were the conditions of World War 1 like in the trenches?


What were the trench's like in World War 1?

The Trenches were grotty , digusting and they had no room

What was going out to the trenches like?

Being in the trenches of World War I would have been a truly harrowing experience. The threat of death was constant in the trenches, and disease and vermin were rampant.

When did soldiers first start fighting in trenches during World War I?

world war 1 how did soldiers fight in trenches

How many men died in the trenches of World War I?

Over 200,000 men died in the trenches of World War 1.

Who constructed the trenches in World War 1?

The soldiers built the trenches.

What Was The Smell Like In World War I Trenches?


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