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Sir Isaac newton is best known for having invented the calculus in the mid to late 1660s (most of a decade before Leibniz did so independently, and ultimately more influentially) and for having formulated the theory of universal gravity -

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What does it say on sir Isaac Newtons tomb?

(Sir) Isaac Newton?

When did Sir Isaac Newton publish the theory of gravitation?


Are there any current uses of sir isaac newtons discovery?

Yes. Astronomy, Satellites, rockets, structures.etc,etc,etc.

What were sir Isaac newtons areas of studies?

Sir Isaac Newton studied the nature of things.

Sir Isaac newtons only discovery was three laws of motion true or false?

False, Isaac Newton also discovered the principles of momentum and angular momentum.

What was Sir Isaac Newtons nationality?


What is sir Isaac Newtons nationality?


Who proposed the Laws of Motion?

Sir Isaac Newton, a British scientist, in 1687

What is isaac newtons nickname?

Sir Isaac Newton did not have a nickname. He was simply known as Sir Isaac Newton during his lifetime.

What was Isaac Newtons middle name?

Sir Isaac Newton had no other name.

What was Sir Isaac Newtons peers?

two of them were robert hooke and isaac barrow

What are sir isaac newtons dicoveries?

Law of gravity

What is the name if Sir Isaac Newtons dog?


What is sir isaac newtons last name?


Did they name Fig Newtons after Sir Isaac Newton?


When is it Sir Isaac Newtons birthday?

January 4,1643

Who invented Newtons Laws?

Sir Isaac Newton

What was Sir Isaac Newtons favourite game?


What is sir isaac newtons invention?

The Newton Meter

Isaac newtons whole name?

His full name was Sir Isaac Newton

What where sir Isaac newtons kids called?

Sir Isaac Newton never married, had no kids, and probably never dated.

What is Sir Isaac Newton discovery?

His great discovery was the law of gravity

Who was sir isaac newtons inspiration?

Henry More influenced him

When did Sir Isaac Newtons apple fall?

1665 September

What were Sir Isaac Newtons parents names?

ben and carol