What was sly stone's relationship with doris day?

Sly was friends with her son, Terry Melcher. Sly and Doris did not have a romantic relationship. They only knew each other through Terry. Apparently, Sly went over to look at a car Doris was selling. That's it. Anything else is urban legend. Please see below.



By 1972, the Family Stone was growing restless. Key members Larry Graham and drummer Greg Errico, both well on their way out during Riot's recording, left, to be replaced by Rusty Allen and Andy Newmark. From Fresh (Number Seven pop, 1973), "If You Want Me to Stay" (Number 12 pop, Number Three R&B) did fairly well, and a blues version of "Que Sera Sera" got some airplay, particularly when (untrue) rumors of a romance between Sly and Doris Day emerged.


Doris didn't talk about this (affair with Maury Wills) in her book, but she did talk about Sly, saying she met him one time at Terry's house and never had an affair with him.