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What was society like in England during the early 1600s?

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November 09, 2010 3:41AM

In the 1600's the England society was divided into three


- The upper class

- The middle class

- The lower class

The upper class consisted of the kings, (and also the

parliament) They had nice, big houses and expensive things. Lots

off food and a lot of waste.

The middle class was made up of the farmers, they work long

hours but make good pay. The live in houses and have their own

things and a fair amount of food.

The lowest class consists of soldiers and sailors. They work

hard but barely get paid. They live in small, dirty shelters with

little space. They also do not have very much food.

I'm just learning this unit so these are pretty much all my

notes on society in England in the 1600's... Hope that helps!

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