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Wooly Bully, Good Vibrations, Black is Black, Brown Eyed Girl, White Rabbit, Whiter Shade of Pale, Time of the Season, The Night They Drove Old Dixie Brown, With a Little Help From My Friends, Closer to Home, Going Up the Country, Green Eyed Lady, American Woman, American Pie, California Dreamin, What a Wonderful World, Whats Goin On, Ballad of the Green Berets, Where Have All the Flowers Gone, Incense and Peppermints, War , Universal Soldier, Eve of Destruction, Sky Pilot...

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Q: What was some of the music from the Vietnam war?
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Who are some of the musical groups of the Vietnam War Era?

Every 60's music you currently hear on televison commercials and TV series are Vietnam era music.

What are some vocab words about the Vietnam war?

Vietnam War

Was war the only answer in the Vietnam War?

To quote some officers in Vietnam, "...the only war we had."

What are some causesof the Vietnam war?

The Cold War; Vietnam was a "hot" battle of the cold war.

What are some brotherhood poems from the Vietnam war?

See website: Vietnam War Poetry

What part did music and art play in the Vietnam war?

1960s/70s music had a cause (had a purpose). They told a story or ballad, which combined with the turmoil of those times (hate/war/etc) caused some serious rock and roll music.

What are some of the results of the Vietnam War?

All of today's jets have guns on them thanks to the Vietnam war.

Why were some people against the Vietnam war?

Some people were against the Vietnam War because young men were being drafted to fight in the war.

What are some connections between the Vietnam and Iraq wars?

None. The US is not at war with Iraq. In Vietnam, the US was at war with North Vietnam.

What were some of the disadvantages of the Vietnam war for the US soldiers?

1 of the disadvantages of the Vietnam war for the US soldiers were that Vietnam soldiers were stupid.

What are some counties that were involved in the Vietnam war?

well Vietnam was one

What were the realities of this war for the American soldiers who fought in Vietnam?

Some Americans didn't care about the Vietnam war.......

What are some example of war?

American Civil War & Vietnam War.

Genre of music people listen to during VIETNAM war?

During the Vietnam War, many artists protested the war in their art and music. This war was called the television war because it was then that the rest of the world could see what was going on during the war. The songs were anti-war and sang about the soldiers wanting to get out even if the war wasn't won.

Did black people have to fight in the Vietnam War?

Of course! Everybody has to fight the Vietnam War because they wanted to stop the Battle and they have to show some guts to fight in the Vietnam War.

What are some of the major locations of the Vietnam War?

earth, more specifically Vietnam

What happened to some soldiers marriages in the Vietnam War?

The Vietnam War, was no different from past wars (US Civil War, WW1, WW2, Korean War, etc). Some marriages survived, some marriages did not.

What genre of music was a result of the Vietnam War?

Grunts in Vietnam, hit their selector switch and threw their M16s on "Rock 'N Roll."

What impact did the Vietnam War have on music?

Nearly all of the music from the 60's consists of defiance and protesting; especially the rock 'n roll music. Country music was often supportive of the men and attacked the war, seemingly, less. Whatever the messeges, the young men in Vietnam, 17 thru their 20's enjoyed the music.

What are some of the effects the Vietnam War had on the soldiers who fought in it.?

See: Statistics from the Vietnam War. Recommended by the History Channel.

What music represnted the pro- war in the Vietnam war?

The Fighting Men Of The Green Beret was popular song

What were some of the brutalities of the Vietnam war?

My Lai.

What were some of the problems with the war in Vietnam?


What are some symbols of the Vietnam war?


What did soldiers do for entertainment in the vietnam war?

I remember drinking and movies. Listening to music also.