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What was special about Sargons Akkadian Empire?


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That he ruled the Fertile Crescent.

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Sargon's Akkadian Empire was special because he was considered the first king and that was considered the first kingdom. He also had thriving cities and impressive military rule for being the first to set up an empire.

620 miles Akkadian empire Extended..

The Akkadian Empire was in Asia, in the Middle East.

the akkadian empire ...i think

how mant miles across the akkadian empire extended

1. The first empire in the world 2. Akkadian Language, which is used in trade

He was important because he was important

Sargon the Great - Akkadian Empire

They were the first empire ever to exist in the akkadian times. This was written by Patrica and Brittany in Zoller school. Hosted in homeroom 45. :D

Sargon the Great was the first empire in the world

They wanted to ok get on with your lives

Akkad is the capital of akkadians

Most people in the Akkadian Empire were farmers, and they brewed beer. Many of the people in the empire were bilingual in Sumerian and Akkadian; the latter is a Semitic language.

They created the first known empire in history, known as the Akkadian Empire.

The Akkadian Empire ended when kings found it hard to rule over such a large territory, and soon the Akkadian Empire fell to new invaders (the Sumerians believed it fell because of a curse...) from the north, which began the Babylonian Empire. This is one theory. No one knows exactly how it fell. Submitted by a sixth grader

The Akkadian Empire of Mesopotamia conquered Sumer in about 2300 B.C. They lived in Western Asia, above the Arabian Peninsula.

The Akkadian empire was formed by Sargon because he divided the empire into 70 smaller pieces

the city of akkad, never found

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