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An oath called the Tennis Court Oath--named this because the deputies were locked out of the National assembly by the King and were forced to reconvene in the near by tennis court (actually a hand ball court, but they called it a tennis court).


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Continental Congress ordered the meeting of the Philadelphia Convention in 1787. the Philadelphia Convention produced the constitution.

A new constitution was being formed, so they took a pledge that they would continue meeting until France had a new form of government.

Was a meeting that was an extension of the Alexandria, Virginia meeting between Maryland and Virginia delegates on matters of commerce, naviagation and fishing rights on the Potomac River. Because it managed to work out an agreement, it is seen as a stepping stone to the 1787 convention in Philadelphia which produced the US Constitution.

1787 meeting in Philadelphia at which delegates from the states wrote the constitution

the meeting that decided what should be in the constitution.

to write a new document because the first meeting was held in 1786 then postponed it to 1787 and in 1787 meeting they ripped the Constitution to make another one.

This is a meeting in Philadelphia where the Constitution was written in the founding fathers.

The Continental Congress was meeting in Philadelphia.

They answered it at a tennis court, after being locked out of a estates meeting. They swore they would keep meeting until a new constitution was formed. This was called the Tennis Court Oath

On September 17,1787 the final meeting of the Constitutional Convention was held. The purpose was to sign the Constitution of the United States of America.

The meeting of representatives from the British colonies was called the Continental Congress. It began in 1775 and produced the Declaration of Independence in 1776,

George Washington was the president of the Constitutional Convention that voted to replace the Articles of Confederation with the Constitution.

James Madison was the father of the constitution because he was there for every meeting, he took excellent notes , and was one of the main leaders. He wrote the Great Compromise in the Constitution

They would continue meeting until they could bring about peace within their civil selves and find a humane way for executions, prosecutions, legeslatives, prolegestalivs, and humanity rights and divinee. !

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