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She was given a call from God.

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Mother Teresa was inspired by God.God is the answer. Simple!

Mother Teresa invented nothing. She founded the Missionaries of Charity

Mother Teresa when she saw the poor people and she asked to her self what would Jesus do?

When Mother Teresa was young, she read stories on the lives of missionaries. She was so inspired, that by the age of 12 yrs. old, she knew that the religious life was her calling. Also, on September 10, 1946, Jesus inspired her to leave the convent and help the poor while living among them.

Mother Teresa was definitely inspired by Jesus. Jesus cared for the poor and needy and so did Mother Teresa. This shows that she was determined and eager to help the poor and needy. She gave up her own life in order to fulfil her wishes and became a nun.

Saint Francis of Assisi inspired Mother Teresa to live a life dedicated to helping the helpless, to lead a life of poverty, and to dedicate service to the betterment of mankind. Quoted from biographyshelf online.

Mother Teresa mother was 35 when she had mother teresa.

No, Mother Teresa had no children as she was never married.

Nirmala is the name of the successor of Mother Teresa, not the name of Mother Teresa.

No, Mother Teresa was Albanian.

No, Mother Teresa was a Catholic.

No, Mother Teresa was Albanian.

Mother Teresa had no downfall.

Mother Teresa inspired people in various ways. This was through her lifestyle, the various attributes that she had and charity works among others.A:Mother Teresa was a great communicator and fundraiser, but did not consider herself a great educationalist or teacher, nor did she consider teaching to be a priority for the Missionaries of Charity, saying: "We are not nurses, we are not doctors, we are not teachers, we are not social workers. We are religious, we are religious, we are religious." She inspired people to seek converts to Catholicism.

Mother Teresa was a Catholic.

Mother Teresa was born in Albania.

Mother Teresa was never married.

No, Mother Teresa was not considered a prophet.No!

Mother Teresa was an Albanian Catholic.

Mother Teresa did what God wanted.

Mother Teresa was a Catholic.

No, Mother Teresa had no biological children.

Yes, Mother Teresa was conformed.

yes. mother teresa did have a diary!