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Get married, have a normal job, have a home and have 3 kids

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American dream today compared with the 1920s?

i don't know you tell me..?

What is the purpose of The Great Gatsby?

To show the effects and powers of consumerism, class division, decadence, the American Dream and loss of religion in 1920s society.

What is the point of The Great Gatsby?

It represents corruption in 1920s America, how wealth is rarely pure, and how the American Dream is now distorted and a mere facade.

What is an American dream?

When an American person has a dream, it is called an American Dream!

How was the American dream in 1920s?

The american dream was a revilotion of inventions and exlorations expanding the world as they know it. The streets pf america began to give hope to the less fortunate and needy. Like titanic in 1912, many voyages left to america, the countary of dreams, for english and french men alike to be hired and fired in america. This is were the saying, the american dream origonated from. Jack Thompson

What are the release dates for American Dream - 1981 American Dream?

American Dream - 1981 American Dream was released on: USA: 26 April 1981

The American dream is?

the American dream is about freedom, liberty, and prosperity.

Do you capitalize the in the American dream?

Yes. It should be - The American Dream.

Besides the Declaration of Independence and the Bible King cites the American dream as a source for his own dream What is the American dream?

health, wealth, and happiness is the American Dream

What product was the backbone of American economy in 1920s?


Tell more about education and American dream?

what is the educated in American dream

Is the American dream available to everyone why?

is the American Dream available to everyone

How do you use American dream in a sentence?

I'm living the American dream!

How many pages does An American Dream have?

An American Dream has 270 pages.

Does the American Dream still exist today?

if the American Dream were a real fact, what would it look like today? Or can we still believe in an American dream?

What was the weakest area of the American economy in the 1920s?


The weakest area of the American economy in the 1920s was?


When was the style of American blues developed?

1920s-1930s *

Which was the weakest area of the American economy in the 1920s?


Meaning for the American dream?

a dream about America

How is the American dream shown in literature?

Describe the concept of the "American Dream" as shown in Sandberg's

What is the author's message about the American Dream?

What is the author's message about the American Dream from THE DEATH OF A SALESMAN?

What is the duration of An American Dream film?

The duration of An American Dream - film - is 1.72 hours.

Why is The Great Gatsby an American classic?

The Great Gatsby is an American classic because of Gatsby's image as the self made man. Being self made, rising from nothing to financial success, is the American dream. It is a classic also because of Fitzgerald, who epitomized the zeitgeist of the 1920s perfectly. - IQ4U -

Which statement about the American Dream would F. Scott Fitzgerald most likely agree with?

The American Dream is meaningless in the long run.

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