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What was the American publics response to the Vietnam War?

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American opinion was shocked. Some couldn't believe it or thought that it was a Vietcong plot. Others were prepared to accept the killings and, to them, Lt. Calley was a hero. But the majority of Americans were horrified. it seemed that the inhumane behaviour of the US troops made them no better than the enemy - or the Nazis to whom they were compared to. This was one of the key events that helped to turn the tide of American opinion against the war. Lt. Calley was the only soldier to face charges for My Lai. In 1970, he was sentenced to life imprisonment with hard labour. He was released in 1974, no one knows why...

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What was Australian publics response to the Vietnam war?

The same as in the US.

How did the Australian publics perception of the Vietnam war change over time?

It generally followed along the same lines as American perceptions.

Why was the my lai massrce an important turning point in the Vietnam war?

My Lai was a turning point in the war as it changed the american publics view on the war. Many americans believed the war was now a 'non- winable' war.

What was the publics reaction with Australia and Americas involvement in the Vietnam war?

Draft protests and riots.

What were the American tactic's in the Vietnam war?

what were the american tactics in the vietnam war

Compare and contrast the Vietnam war and the American war?

Most people know what the Vietnam War is; what is the American War?

What was the Philippines response to the Spanish American War?

The Philippine American war was the direct response to the Spanish American War.

When was the draft for the Vietnam war?

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Why Vietnam won the war but lost the peace?

Vietnam won the French war. North Vietnam won the American Vietnam War. There was no such country named "Vietnam" during the American Vietnam War 1955-1975. There were two nations: North VN & South VN.

Why was the Vietnam war called The war that nobody won.?

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When did America get in the Vietnam war?

The American got into the Vietnam war in the year 1960.

How many American ships were lost in the Vietnam war?

There were no American naval ships lost during the Vietnam War.

When was American Writers Against the Vietnam War created?

American Writers Against the Vietnam War was created in 1965.

What was the public response to the Vietnam war?

They did NOT want to be drafted to fight it.

What were some of the consequences of the Vietnam war?

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Why were the American Civil War and the Vietnam war not declared wars?

the American civil war and Vietnam were not wars because there was no declaration of war, therefore making it a conflict

Us response to Vietnam war?

All out war, minus nukes and invasion of the north.

What are other names used for the Vietnam War?

The Vietnam Conflict, the Indochina war. The people and government in Vietnam today refer to it as the American War.

What was the American Involvement in the Vietnam War?

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What were some important battles of the Vietnam war?

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What was America's response to the Vietnam war?

"we can/will bomb them back to the stone age"

What were the major battles of Vietnam war and their dates?

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What was Canada's response to the Vietnam war?

they was a ally as should be and will always be our friends

Who won the war north or south Vietnam?

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What did Asians call the war in Vietnam?

In Vietnam at the time, and still today, it is referred to as "The American War."