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Australia was an ally of the US and sent combat troops to assist in the fight against communist forces in Vietnam.

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The Australian Labor party opposed the Vietnam War because they believed that the war was a civil war, and Australian involvement was unnecessary.

Australian Vietnam War Veterans groups may have those names.

Approximately 600 Australian serviceman were killed in the Vietnam War.

Over 3,000 Australian Servicemen wounded in Vietnam.

Of the approximate 50,000 Australian servicemen who served in Vietnam, about 19,000 of them were draftees.

Australian maintained a troop level of approximately 8,000 men in Vietnam during the war.

The Australian government experienced anti-war demonstrations.

Over 50,000 Australian Servicemen fought in the Vietnam War.

Australia sent 4 Navy Destroyers and a regiment of Australian Centurion tanks into the Vietnam War.

Contact the Australian Vietnam Veterans organizations; there were over 50,000 Australian men who served in the war, 19,000 of them were draftees.

The relationship was good before, during, and after the Vietnam War.

About 8,000 Australian servicemen fought in the Vietnam War. Approximately 600 were killed there.

Approximately 600 Australian servicemen were killed in Vietnam, and over 1200 wounded.

Over 50,000 Australian Servicemen fought in the Vietnam War.

On 28 April, 1965, Australian Prime Minister, Robert Menzies, announced that Australian troops would be sent to support the United States forces in the Vietnam war. The first Australian troops arrived in Vietnam in May 1965.

Australian Centurion tank crewmen, artillerymen, infantrymen, and they flew B-57 Canberra bombers in Vietnam.

The Vietnam War was the second "hot" battle of the cold war. The Korean War was the first "hot" battle of the cold war. The US fought to prevent the communist nation of North Vietnam from conquering the free Republic of South Vietnam. The communists won this second round on 30 April 1975, when communist tanks crashed through the South Vietnamese Capital's front gates, and parked their tanks on the capital's front lawn. They had won, the war was over.

Over 50,000 Australian Servicemen fought in the Vietnam War.

Australian troops entered into the Vietnam War on the 29th April 1965.

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