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What was the Boston Braves stadium called?


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It was called Braves Field. They first played in the South End Grounds in Boston, until the built Braves Field in 1915. The Braves played the 1914 World series at Fenway Park because it was bigger and newer than the South End Grounds.


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Turner Field The Atlanta Braves have called Turner Stadium home since 1997. It is located in Atlanta, Georgia. It was originally called the Centennial Olympic Stadium and was used during the 1996 Olympics.

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Because back when they were Boston there was a football team called the Boston Braves but now they`re the Washington Redskins

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The Boston Braves played at Braves Field.

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The Boston Braves existed between 1912, and 1952 before moving to Milwaukee in 1953, and Atlanta in 1966. They are part of the original franchise of the Boston Red Stockings (1871-1876) Their name Boston Braves, was changed to the Boston Bees in 1936, and back to the Braves in 1941. From 1876-1882 the team name was the Boston Red Caps, and from 1883 -1906 the Boston Beaneaters. From 1907 -1910 the franchise was called the Boston Doves, in 1911 they were called the Boston Rustlers, before the name was change to Braves in 1912.

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In 1948, the Boston Braves played at Braves field.

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