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It was the Lee Hardy Oswald, the man that killed JFK, was also assassinated.

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Q: What was the Controversy that surrounded John F. Kennedy's assassination?
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What major event led to john f kennedys death?

his assassination by lee Harvey Oswald

Who became president after john f kennedys assassination?

Lyndon B. Johnson became President. He stayed in office until 1969.

What were the 3 assassinations of the 1960's?

The three main famous assassination in the 1960s was John Fitzgerald Kennedy, Robert Kennedy, Bobby, He was John Kennedys brother. And martin Luther King jr.

Which Kennedys were assassinated?

John and Robert.

What was the Kennedys Fathers name?

Joseph Patrick "Joe" Kennedy Sr. President John kennedys fathers name was John, he was Johnsr.

What is John F. Kennedys Fathers name (Short answer like "John" or "Rose" please)?

What was John Kennedys moms name?


Who was John Kennedys Apponet?

Richard Nixon

When was John F. Kennedy assanated?

President Kennedy was shot and killed on November 22, 1963 in Dallas, TX. His assassination is the center of controversy even to this day.

What was John F. Kennedys education?

John Fitzgerald Kennedy was the 35th president of USA. He remained president of USA from 1961 till his assassination in 1963. He graduated from Harvard college with a Bachelor of Science cum laude in international affairs in 1940.

What was john f kennedys political party?

he was a Democrat

What was John F. Kennedys slogan?


What is John Kennedys last name?

Fitzgerald Kennedy.

Who lit the eternal flame of john f Kennedys grave?

john rose

What were president kennedys child's names?

Caroline and John jr Caroline and John jr

What is John F. Kennedys political party?

John F. Kennedy was a democrat.

Is there a book about the assassination of John Lennon?

Yes, there is a book called "Death of a dreamer: The assassination of John Lennon".

What was john f kennedys contributions to society?

He joined the Navy.

What is John F Kennedys moms name?

Rose Fitzgerald.

Who was john f kennedys election opponent?

Richard Nixon

The name of John f kennedys program?

the new frontier

What was john f kennedys military background?

he fought in the navy.

How many of John Kennedys brothers and sisters are living?


What was John F Kennedys home town?

Brookline, Massachusetts

What was the name of john f kennedys daughters pony?