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What was the Cultural Revolution in China?

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The Cultural Revolution is not a really revolution. It's just an excuse to make sure communism can be built smoothly.The chairman, Mao Zedong thought that some people were not in favour of communism, and they may even want to restore the Qing Dynasty.So the Cultural Revolution was exactly for killing the people who did not obey the government.

Pretty much all of the people were people who had western ties, or were educated with western practices, like Doctors, Artists, and authors. Many educated people were killed by the Red Guard, which was a large group of youth who were influenced by the communist government

Also the reason why this all started (the CR) is, because Mao had been less than a dynamic leader from the late 1950's on, and feared others in the party might be taking on a leading role that weakened his power within the party and the country. This probably explains the Cultural Revolution - it was an attempt by Mao to re-impose his authority on the party and therefore the country.

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The goal of the 1966 Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution in China was to bring China and its people back to where they were before World War II. This struggle took 10 years, but a new, cultural China arose and China was once again a world power.

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Implemented by Chairman Mao, the goal of the Cultural Revolution was to remove "snobbishness, western-customs, and elitism" from the people of China. also was suppost to get rid of the 4 olds

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1966...Mao launched the cultural revolution primarily due to the fact that China had become far too conservative.

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