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What was the Hungarian revolution?


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when hungarians revolted as they hated cruel leader Rakosi, spurred on by de-stalinasation and trying to rid of the communists and secret police that were on the streets, controlling their country. They demaned the truth, freedom of speech, and decent people's rights.


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how did the hungarian revolution end

The Hungarian Revolution began in 1956 and ended that year as well.

The Hungarian revolution happend becasue the soviets leader made a Pb&j and did not share any with the Hungarian leaders.

the hungarian revolution

The Hungarian revolution was origanally a student protest which turned into a revolution and resulted in the overthrow of the Communist party in Hungary. Sadly, the revolutionaries expected help from the west and it never came.

The 1956 revolution failed because Hungary was invaded by the USSR. The 1989 revolution was successful.

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Russia tried to invade Hungary, this was the start

On 10 November 1956 when it was crushed by the Soviet Union.

The Hungarian statesman and orator Louis, or Lajos, Kossuth (1802-1894) was the foremost leader of the Hungarian Revolution of 1848-1849 and the symbol of Magyar nationalism.

They have a memorial Day for it, 23rd of October, and there is the 1956 Memorial Square where is a 1956 Monument, which is the symbol of the people of the revolution. The symbol of the 1956 revolution is the Hungarian flag, with a hole in the middle of it, because during the communism there was a star in the middle of it wich was the symbol of the Soviet Union, the revolutionists cut it out.

It was embarrassing to contradict the teacher, but I knew that the Hungarian Revolution took place in 1956, not in 1954.

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Hungarian Crisis- relations between the Soviet Union and Western Europe soured. The Hungarian Revolution caused Hungarians dissidents to launch a popular uprising in November 1956 to demand democratic reforms. For several days they had control of the government but Soviet troops soon took over again.

Have a wet cloth handy to extinguish any flame. The Russians used tanks to extinguish the Hungarian revolution.

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Before the Communist revolution of 1917, the Russian army were fighting the Germans and the Austro-Hungarian army in WW1.

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