What was the Jewish population after Holocaust?


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The Jewish population had dropped to about 20% after the Holocaust in Europe.


20% of what?

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It reduced the Jewish population by about two thirds.

About 102,000 out of a Jewish population of 140,000.

to eliminate the Jewish population.

It reduced the population by 70%. it scared the entire Jewish community and it still haunts them today.

About 54,000 out of a total Jewish population of about 70,000.

Portland, Oregon is in the USA. The USA had no involvement in the Holocaust and as such did not lose anyone to the Holocaust.

It reduced the population by 70%. it scared the entire Jewish community and it still haunts them today.

te extintion of two thirds of the jewish population

The Jewish population of Austria just before the country was seized by the Nazis in March 1938 was about 183,000. Many fled abroad, but an estimated 65,000 were killed in the Holocaust.

An estimated 54,000 out of Greece's 70,000 Jewish population were annihilated.

After the holocaust the Jewish religion was and still is considered more of a culture, just like it was during the Holocaust. About 6 Billion people make up the worlds population and from that there are only 4 million Jews (a very small amount). There would be a bigger Jewish population if 6 Million+ Jews were annihilated during the Holocaust.

The Holocaust decreased the world population by 6 million over the course of the genocide. After World War II, the Jewish population increased, but it has still not recovered to Pre-Holocaust levels.

There ARE Jews in Germany, but the Holocaust destroyed most of the population.

Yes. Not as large of a one as there was pre-Holocaust, but there is a still actually a significant population. (I'm Jewish, and I was born there, in fact).

Probably Poland, prior to the war they had the largest Jewish popluation of any country in Europe, and after the war they were nearly all gone. _______ Poland lost about 88-89% of its Jewish population in the Holocaust and Lithuania lost about 96%!

not immediatley, but now the jewish population is rising very fast.

Denmark shipped almost its entire Jewish population to Sweden.

Just before the Holocaust there were about 18 million Jews world wide, and about one third (33%) were killed in the Holocaust.

He didnt "have" holocaust. He started what is known as The Holocaust where he captured many Jewish people and sent them to concentration camps. He claimed that Jews were the cause of the Germany's problems. Many if not most of the Jewish population of Germany and Poland died in these camps.

In Europe, just under 7 million to over estimate.

About 450,000 (out of a total population of 47 million).

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