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i think it was please be mine not sure

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=There very first song was=Please Be Mine (:

Together as the Jonas brothers, yes.

i would say appreciate casue that is the very first song nick Jonas ever recorded i think

Kevin Jonas favorite song of the Jonas Brothers is Please Be Mine from their very first album that didn't make it big called "It's about Time"

you can order its about time (jonas brothers first cd) on

The first song the trio wrote together was "Please Be Mine", which is a VERY beautiful song, in my opinion, and if you haven't heard it, you REALLY should.

The first song they wrote together is called, Please Be Mine, it's a very beautiful song, you should listen to it. If you don't want to purchase it, you can download it from

Please Be Mine was not the first song sung. The first song the ever sang was the American Drake :Jake Long theme song.But their very first song written by them and preformed by them was the Year 3000.

The song Burnin' Up by the Jonas Brother's was written on a very hot day (they said) and that's pretty much all I can tell you but I do know that I am Burnin' Up for the Jonas Brothers!

sos she said it in a very recent interview: pushin me away

Yes the Jonas Brothers are very cool.

No, actually the Jonas Brothers are very talented.

The Jonas Brothers sang a song with the lyrics provided called, "Still in Love with You". I am very glad I have heard this song before, otherwise this question would be impossible!

Yes, this was their first song. You see, they are veryuneducated. They spelled her name wrong. It is CORRECTLY spelled MandIE Lunn. She inspired them to write and perform their songs. KayThanksBye.

Yes because Jonas came after Camp Rock.

probably rock songs like by the beatles and Elvis. I am not very sure

Jonas brothers sing the very last song

Please Be Mine is the first song the Jonas Brothers wrote together. It was supposed to be on a solo album for Nick , when they decided to sign all the brothers they relesaed it on their first CD. The name of that CD is It's About Time on Columbia Records.It is very hard to find.I was lucky to find a few copies.

they are all very very nice

The Jonas brothers were in their very first movie in 2008. Camp rock 2 is coming out 2010 in the summer.

The JB - Jonas Brothers, have many song, A new movie out called 'Camp Rock'. All their songs are in a new album. They have a secret - language that they only underastand. They had a BIG concert with Hannah Montana. There is a rumor that Nick Jonas was kissed by Miley Cyrus. (But im not sure that is true!) Anyway, The Jonas Brothers are very - very POPULAR & FAMOUSE!

The next Jonas Brothers tour will be starting in early to mid 2009 and will be their very first World Tour.

They became a band when they first knew that they had a very nice voice.

Yes, the Jonas Brothers are a band. A very popular band among teens today.

No, I wouldn't consider any of the Jonas Brothers to be emo. They have a very urban look.

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