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What was the Maginot Line?

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It was a hugely expensive French effort, not an allied one, to create a state of the art defense network of forts and tunnels against German invasion. It anticipated the wrong point of German attack. The Nazis simply went through all of four days.

Answer 1The Maginot Line was a line of undergound defensive fortifications along the border of France with Germany and Belgium. The line of mini forts, containing artillery and/or machine guns, was linked by tunnels with living quarters etc for the regiments of soldiers manning the forts. There were also store rooms etc. At the surface, between the forts were machine gun, mortar, and small arms defensive enplacements. The Line was named after the French Minister of Defence who proposed the idea, Andre Maginot. The Maginot Line (which proved futile in use), has been mostly forgotten since the fall of France in 1940, but which has begun to be excavated in recent years and will be opened to the public as a museum with tours etc. Such a valuable National Inheritance should be brought back to display in my opinion. CommentThe allies put great faith in the Maginot line stopping any invasion in its tracks. However, as the above answer states, in reality when the crunch came it proved useless because the Germans simply went round it!
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Where does one find the Maginot Line website?

There are many Maginot Line related websites on the net including Maginot Line and Maginot Line At War. Many of these websites have links from Wikipedia and deal with the history of the location.

Were theree Canadians on there maginot line?

No, the Maginot Line was an entirely French endeavour.

What happened to the British soldiers at the Maginot Line during the Miracle of Dunkirk?

I think the Maginot line was entirely staffed by the French. It was. Before the British retreated to Dunkirk, the Maginot Line had already fallen.

Are translocation and maginot line the same thing?

Translocation and the Maginot Line are very different things. Translocation means to change position.Ê The Maginot Line was a static line of fortification on the French and German borders in the 1930's.

What happened at the French Maginot line?

The Maginot line was overturned further north by the Germans who went through Belgium.

What was the line in France bypassed by the Germans?

Maginot Line

French failed line of defense?

The Maginot Line

What is theGerman equivalent of the maginot line?

siegfried line

What was the battle line in France called?

The battle line in France is called the Maginot line. The German line was called the Hindbergh line. The Maginot was not able to prevent the German invasion of the 1930s

Who established maginot line?

The French .

How big was the maginot line?

The Maginot Line spanned the entire German-French border - from Belgium to Switzerland - and was about 720km (450mi) long.

What country established maginot line to defend against attack?

France, and the Maginot Line ultimately failed to serve its intended purpose.

What were two problems with the maginot line?

The Maginot Line was ineffective and costly to maintain. It had been built to prevent a direct German attack on eastern France; however, Germany invaded France through Belgium bypassing the Maginot Line.

How did Andre maginot experiences in world war 1 influence his decision to push for the maginot line?


Line in France bypassed by attacking Germans?

Maginot Line

Line in france by passed by attacking germans?

Maginot Line.

What was the french maginot line and what was its German counterpart?

siegfried line

Why did France build the maginot line?

France built the Maginot Line because they still perceived there was a threat of German invasion post- WW1.

Why is it called the maginot line?

Named after Andre Maginot, French defensive minister during it's creation.

How long was the maginot line?

450mi (720km).

Why wasn't the Maginot Line successful?

because the germans just went through belgium and ardennes which were not covered by the maginot line, not went through the border

What was the line of defense called along the french border?

the maginot line

What was the Maginot line in the book A Separate Peace?

The Maginot Line was a long line of underground artillery fortifications constructed by the French to repel an invasion by Germany. The Germans simply went around them.

Cost of the maginot line?

7 billion Francs.

The line of defenses along the French border with Germany was called the?

The Maginot Line