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Q: What was the Main impact of the enlightenment?
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What impact did the enlightenment have on America?

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What is Francis Bacon's Impact on the Enlightenment?

Francis Bacon helped develop what is known today as the scientific method. His impact on the Enlightenment is profound because of the contribution.

What was the impact of Enlightenment on history politically socially and economically?

The enlightenment was a rasism and a bum to all America

What best describes the enlightenment's impact on democracy?

The Enlightenment inspired democratic ideas about the rights of man.

How did the Enlightenment impact colonial society?

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What impact did the Scientific Revolution have on the French Revolution?


Which impact of the enlightenment is most important?

The pact of the enlightenment that was most important was the impact it had on today's legal codes and governmental structures. Without the Enlightenment, many countries would not exist today, including the United States.

Why is censorship an impact of the enlightenment?

Censorship was an impact of the Enlightenment because Voltaire, who was a philosophe during the Enlightenment, created the ideas of Freedom of Expression and Freedom of Religion. Because of these ideas, the European monarchs later reduced censorship and persecution.

What impact did the enlightenment have on the American Revolution?

It made everybody in a "depression"

What impact did the enlightenment have on the revolution?

It encouraged Americans to revolt from Britain.

How did the enlightenment impact your world today?

The enlightenment changed the way we see music, literature, arts, and architecture. The enlightenment helped advance the achievements of the scientific revolution

What enlightenment philosopher had the most impact on American founders?

John Locke

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