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What was the Main impact of the enlightenment?


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Francis Bacon helped develop what is known today as the scientific method. His impact on the Enlightenment is profound because of the contribution.

The pact of the enlightenment that was most important was the impact it had on today's legal codes and governmental structures. Without the Enlightenment, many countries would not exist today, including the United States.

Censorship was an impact of the Enlightenment because Voltaire, who was a philosophe during the Enlightenment, created the ideas of Freedom of Expression and Freedom of Religion. Because of these ideas, the European monarchs later reduced censorship and persecution.

The enlightenment changed the way we see music, literature, arts, and architecture. The enlightenment helped advance the achievements of the scientific revolution

It encouraged Americans to revolt from Britain.

Buddha is not a god, he is a man. Buddha indicated thet gods are not eseential to enlightenment. Buddhism discounts the impact or need of gods in mankinds progress towards enlightenment. Each person is responsible for his own progress.

Rene Descartes made a huge impact on the Age of Enlightenment. He promoted theories on philosophy, mathematics, and science based on ideas that he got while dreaming.

he seemed to be greately influenced by the french revolution, kids :)

.they found a way to stop suffering, which is to bring enlightenment.

Enlightenment thinkers of Europe had a profound impact on Western culture and politics. For example, their ideas heavily influenced the American Revolution and the French Revolution, both of which were rooted in democratic ideals.

It motivated the colonists to unite and stand up for their rights.

While enlightenment was a cause and the beheading.The MAIN reason was the taxes.

It motivated the colonists to unite and stand up for their rights.

The Enlightenment inspired democratic ideas about the rights of man.

The main impact is on poles. The ozone hole is over Antarctica.

The Newtonian science exerted its greatest impact of the scientific enlightenment period in the 17th and 18th century.

They believed an agreement must exist between the people and their leaders

the impact that it had on the revolution of france was the fact that it the people of france started to believe in what they thought and not what others thought. they started to follow the philiphers

The Age of Enlightenment had a profound impact on the new American government. One example would be the concept of natural rights, which was developed by John Locke.

the american enlightenment contributed to the american revolution because everything started because all the new ideas like John Locke's impact on government

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