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What was the New World that Columbus found like?


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There were First Nations settlements already there, and lots of clean land ( meaning lots of nature that was unharmed).


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Columbus found that there were little huts and not a lot of people.

he found a way to the new world.

Columbus made four separate voyages to the New World.

Christopher Columbus like the Poem In 14 hundred 92 Columbus sailed the ocean blue

India This is why when Columbus landed in the New World, he called the Native Americans he found "Indians".

No, Columbus just established communication between the New World and the Old World.

he found the new world(NIS)(cj sotto)

they were happy about it. they were happy that they found a "new world" and new land.

Christopher Columbussailed the ocean bluein 1942

He found islands in the Bahamas and never knew that North America existed.

Yes. Christopher Columbus did found the U.S.A in 1492 Columbus never set foot on continental North America. He discovered the New World by landing on islands in the Caribbean.

because people haven't found the land yet so when Christopher Columbus found it he named it the new world


Columbus said to the new world to determine a new trade route to Asia.

to tell Columbus that he did not find India he had found a new world!

No, but that is where he found royal people willing to be his Patron for the New World expiditions

more like an exploiter because many had come upon the new world way before Columbus. How else did the Native Americans get here?

He wanted to prove Columbus to be wrong. Columbus thought he found a shorter route to the indies but vespucci knew colubmbus had found a new world

Like all the other explorers of the 16th century Columbus was searching for India and the "New World".

The Europeans followed Christopher Columbus because they wanted th see for them self what he found

Ferdinand and Isabella promised to finance Columbus' voyage to the new world. When Columbus returned to Spain, he was treated like a hero.

Amerigo Vespucci wanted to go to the new world to prove that the land Christopher Columbus had found was not Asia, but a new world!

Columbus first landed in the New World on the 12th of October, 1492.

Christopher Columbus believed he was Christ's bearer to the new world. When he set out he was trying to find a new root from Europe to Asia. However, when he found the new world he believe it was God's will that he spread the word of Jesus Christ to the natives.

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