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What was the North's reason for fighting in the Civil War?

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To keep the North and the South together.......

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What was norths main goal in fighting the civil war?

To reunite the states and get the cotton revenues back.

What was the norths reason to right in the civil war?

The north wants to end slavery The north wants to end slavery

Who was the norths general during the civil war?

the norths main general was Ulysses S. Grant

What was the original reason for the North fighting the Civil War?

The original reason for the North to fight the Civil War was to prevent the South from seceding.

Did Maryland fight for the north or south in the civil war?

no Maryland did not fight .They specifically said that they had nothing to do with it but if they were fighting they would fight for the norths freedom

Why were the confederates fighting in the Civil War?

The Confederates were fighting in the Civil war to be free from the Union and be their own country. the most important reason they were fighting in the Civil War is because the North and South had many Dissagreements over the years.

What was the south's reason for fighting in the Civil War?

The Southern states (Confederates) fought the in civil war for their right to keep slaves.

Fighting conditions for the Civil War?

what were the fighting conditions of the civil war

What was norths goals during the civil war?

to free all slaves from slavry in the south

How is the Civil War civil?

Well, its not called the civil war because the fighting was civil ut because the country was fighting its self

What was South's reason for fighting in the civil war?

To preserve State's Rights, particularly as they referred to slavery

What war the norths greatest recource during the civil war?

Much bigger population and much bigger manufacturing capacity.

What war had the most men killed?

For the US: the US Civil War (1861-1865) for the obvious reason we were fighting each other (Americans killing Americans); Southerners fighting Northerners.

What was not a reason for the US Civil War?

A reason that is NOT for the Civil War is to get more land.

How did the emancipation transform the Civil War?

The Union army and the North were losing morale for the war. Lincoln knew he had to give the troops and citizens a reason to keep fighting. He made the end of slavery the reason why they are fighting and it boosted the Union Army's morale.

Where did most of the fighting occur during the civil war?

Most of the fighting during the civil war was in the Confederate States. Especially in Virginia.

How did the first major battle of the civil war change the norths ezpectations about the war?

Before Bull Run, most assumed that the war would be short and easy.

What was role of women at the Civil War?

16,000 people were women that were fighting in the civil war

What are the differences between Civil War World War 1?

Civil War was fighting amongst ourselves, not a declared war. WW1 was fighting against other countries, declared war.

What reasons did the North have for fighting the US Civil War?

The North was fighting the Civil War originally to preserve the Union. However, later sometime, the North fought the Civil War to end slavery.

Who were fighting on the Civil War?

The North and the South were fighting (Union and Confederacy)

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