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We are doing a paper on the depression and need to know how much a 5 pound bag of sugar cost during the Great Depression

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Q: What was the Price of sugar during the Great Depression?
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What was the price of 5 pounds of sugar in the great depression?

its 1.97 cents

How much did 10lbs of sugar cost during the great depression?

49 cents

When were price supports put on sugar?

Price supports were applied sporadically during the 1970s, depending upon the price of sugar on the world market

When was The Price of Sugar created?

The Price of Sugar was created in 2007.

What was the price of sugar in 1948?

In 1948, the price of sugar became controlled due to the Sugar Act of 1948. The price of sugar in 1948 was approximately .52 cents a pound.

What is the average price of sugar?

The average price of sugar is round about $2.00 - $8.00 :)

What is the price for sugar?


How much is the price of 1 gram brown sugar in India?

Price of 1 gm brown sugar

What is the current price for a pound of sugar?

Depends on what brand of sugar.

What is the price of sugar now?


Price of pound of sugar?

a pound of sugar is usally £1.45 in the UK

What gives high Blood Pressure?

Sugar, Anger, Depression and Stress

What do plants produce during photosynthsis?

sugar sugar sugar

A reduction of 20 percent in the price of sugar enables a purchaser to obtain 5 kg more sugar for Rs The price of sugar per kilogram before reduction is?


What is the market price for sugar beets?

About $2.80

Price of a bag of sugar 1970s?

about $1.75

What was the price of sugar in the 1960's?


What is the average price of sugar in the USA?

The problem is the usa, the average price is not the problem

What sugar produced during photosynthesis?

The sugar produced during photosynthesis is glucose.

What are ration tickets during the great depression?

Rationing decreased the amount of consumption of foods in a family, this includes meat (1 kg per week), sugar, flour, butter, tobacco, shoes and althing-these were the items which were rations strictly. Medicine including aspirian (manufactured in germany) was rare.

Does sugar affect the brain?

Eating sugar affects the brain. The ways that sugar affects the brain have been linked to poor memory formation, learning disorders, and depression.

What was the U.S. sugar price in 1999?

In October 1999, the U.S. sugar price had fallen below 19 cents a pound, its lowest level in decades

What actors and actresses appeared in The Price of Sugar - 2007?

The cast of The Price of Sugar - 2007 includes: Christopher Hartley as himself Paul Newman as Narrator

What is the significance of the Sugar Act of 1764?

The Sugar Act was an attempt to raise revenue in Great Britain, so they taxed the American colonists, instead of their own people. It was imposed at a time of economic depression, so this, understandably, infuriated the colonists. To accommodate, they had to raise prices of sugar. This eventually contributed to the American Revolution.

What is the average market price of sugar?

2p or not 2p