What was the Round Table of King Arthur?

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The Round Table was where Arthur sat with his Knights. It was given to him as a wedding present by Guinevere's father, and it showed equality through all the knights.
The number seated around the table varies, but a minimum is about 12. There was a seat left empty where all who sat in it would die except one knight, the purest of knights- Sir Galahad, who sought the Holy Grail and is almost always listed as one of the Grail knights, if not the only Grail knight.
A Round Table is viewable at Winchester Castle, and lists 25 knights, including Arthur himself.
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Why did King Arthur use a round table?

Actually, contrary to popular belief, King Arthur never had a round table, in fact he had never owned a table in his life or had anyone else he knew because tables had not bee

How did King Arthur get the round table?

he used his awsome skill to get a round table naa just joken Merlin cut it from a massive tree he used his awsome skill to get a round table naa just joken Merlin cut it from

What was King Arthur and the round table?

the round table that king Arthur sat so every one had an equal space and no one was arguing that who go to sit at the front of the table.

Who were king Arthur and the knights of the round table?

The names and number of knights vary from retelling to retelling. In some there are as few as 9, in some as many as 500 knights. The most well-known knights were King Arthur
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Is King Arthur and the round table a Legend?

a legend is a story about something that has been embellished. so i would have to say yes, because there are actual written records of king arthur