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it was different tan ours (US) they had a chei totell them wat to do, but they did not believe in people worship, their chief ..... 'shrugs'

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Q: What was the Sioux government like?
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Who was the 1st Sioux government?

The Sioux government was George Armstrong.

How did the u.s. government respond to attack by Sioux Indians in eastern Minnesota?

the government pushed the Sioux into the Dakotas

What were the Sioux settlements like?

What were Sioux settlements like

What jobs did the Sioux Indians have?

what are were the jobs of sioux indians sex

How did the US government respond to attacks by Sioux Indians in eastern MInnesota?

The government pushed the sioux into the Dakotas. Welcome hunny:)

Led the Sioux in war after the federal government allowed miners on Sioux reservation?

The Sioux nation had many battles and confrontations with the United States government. After mining was allowed on Sioux land, Sitting Bull led the people to war in protest.

What agreement did the Dakota Sioux make with the US government?

The Sioux had agreed to live on a reservation in exchange for annuities, or annual payments from the government.

What type of government did the Sioux Indians have?

the brown turtle government

Did the Sioux have a government or leader?


Who led the Sioux in war after the federal government allowed miners in Sioux reservation?

chief sitting bull

How do you pronounce Sioux?

Sioux can be pronounced like soo,Sue, or sue.

What does Sioux's house look like?

the sioux house look like a triangle with lines pointing out of the top

What is the Native American tribe name pronounced like Sue?

Sioux Sioux

What is the government of the Sioux tribe?

The Sioux have village councils and several villages make up a tribe. The tribe has a tribal council.

What are the important people of the Sioux tribe?

Chief-Government-the people

Why did the government seize the Black Hills from the Sioux Nation?

Gold was found in the Black Hills so they broke the treaty with the Sioux and allowed people to go in to look for gold. The government was unable to keep people out, so they ignored the fact there was a treaty and the Black Hills are considered scared to the Sioux.

What do Sioux Indians look like?

they look like this

What happened to the money the Dakota Sioux received from the government?

It got stolen

Did the Sioux tribe have horses?

Yes, the Sioux tribe did have horses. They, like the Nez Perce had Appaloosas and Paints.

Sioux tribe homes?

The Sioux tribe lived in tepees like the other Native American tribes.

How did the Teton Sioux dress?

the Teton Sioux dressed in clothes, just like you............ but yea they wore clothes

What kind of facts about Sioux?

fun facts about the Sioux is that they are very good hunters and other stuff like that

What was the daily life of the Sioux Indians like?

A Sioux boy would live in a tipi do chores like tending to the horses and helping to hunt buffalo.

What did the Sioux homes look like?

They Sioux homes looked like leather huts that are auctually teepees that are made out of wooden poles and buffalo skin.

Which Oglala Sioux chief is said to be the only Indian ever to win a war against the US government?

The Oglala Sioux chief was named "Oliver Closeoff" .