What was the Size of cyclone Tracy?

Updated: 9/14/2023
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Cyclone Tracy was not very big but its effects were massive as it swept out all of Darwin.

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Q: What was the Size of cyclone Tracy?
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Related questions

Was Cyclone Tracy a tropical cyclone?

Yes, Cyclone Tracy was a tropical cyclone.

Was Cyclone Tracy a typical cyclone?

No. Cyclone Tracy was an a very intense but abnormally small cyclone.

What cyclone hit before Cyclone Tracy?

Cyclone Selma came before Cyclone Tracy.

What are facts Cyclone tracy?

- Its a feminine cyclone because its name is TRACY. - Tracy was a girl i knew

Where did Cyclone Tracy start?

Cyclone Tracy started as a tropical storm out in the Arafura Sea.

What was the location of Cyclone Tracy?

Cyclone Tracy hit Darwin, Northern Territory, Australia.

What are facts about Cyclone Tracy?

cyclone Tracy was very serious and was in 1974. it hit on Christmas eve.

Why was cyclone Tracy so dangerous?

cyclone Tracy was very dangerous because the winds were very strong

How many homes were damaged in Cyclone Tracy?

Approximately 9000 homes were destroyed or damaged in Cyclone Tracy.

How did Cyclone Tracy rotate?

Cyclone Tracy rotated in a clockwise direction, as do all cyclones in the southern hemisphere.

How long did it take for cyclone Tracy to get to Darwin?

It took cyclone tracy 10000000 years to make it to darwin

Which place was Cyclone Tracy?

Cyclone Tracy made landfall at Darwin in the Top End: that is, Australia's Northern Territory.