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What was the Somalia war?

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Somali war was one all of somali people need because there was a

central govenment that was ruled by Mohamed siad bare his govn was

regiem people were disliked after that somali people contain more

nation those believe that Darood clan is the most powerfull in

Somalia so other clans they disliked that clan because that regiem

president siad bare was ruled his authour as dictator even inside

darood clan they disliked him they make him anti-govrt aftar dat

hawiye and isaaq they are the other clan have the second and the

thried so both they don't want somali to be peace again because

both they can't get welth because of their land they belongs to and

they can't make the land peace again


Well Somalia became a 3rd world country causing war between

clans.mohamed aidid used hunger to rule Somalia(It was his

weapon)the un went in to hand out food with limited defence.Then

aidid ordered a attack on a UN release shipment killing Pakistani

soilders.USA was helping as well.but deltas and amry rangers were

to protect un release shipments and capture aidid.they atimpted to

capture two of aidids ranking officers in olymica hotel.or

something like that.But lost 2 BLACK HAWKS and 21 men.(Wich led to

a movie called BLACK HAWK DOWN with years later in its foot steps

DELTA FORCE:BLACK HAWK DOWN)after that USA was to pull out.they

helped the country the mission was completed but was pulled

out.People called it a failure but they were wrong.But 1996 delta

went in to kill aidid.was successful.they worked with a clan in

Somalia to make it look like he died in clan fighting.Not very many

knew he was killed by a delta but there were rumors saying USA had

something to do with it.

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