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What was the Soviet espionage during Cold War?


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The soviet espionage during the cold war was managed by the KGB.

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The Soviet Union's allies during the Cold War were Bulgaria, Czechoslovakia, Hungary, Poland and Romania. East Germany, China, and Cuba were informal allies of the Soviet Union during the Cold War.

Which year were the US and Soviet union became rivals during the cold war?

mutual assured destruction, espionage, detente.

Leonid Brezhnev had the longest tenure (18 years) as the Soviet leder during the Cold War.

Generally speaking, the communist nations that were dominated by the Soviet Union during the Cold War, were often referred to as "Soviet Bloc Nations".

no the fall of the soviet union was actually the cause of the end so it is not actually considered to have occurred during the cold war

He was the Soviet Unions leader during the Cold- War

They had no specific party, just like the U.S. during the cold war

Several men presided over the Soviet Union during the Cold War; the last leader of the Soviet Union was Boris Yel'tsin.

America feared the Soviet Union during the Cold War. The Cold War lasted for over 40 years from 1946 to 1991.

Vladimir Petrov was the Third Secretary of the Soviet Embassy in Canberra, capital of Australia, during the period of the Cold War. Petrov's defection occurred after he requested political asylum in Australia in exchange for providing evidence and details of Soviet espionage. Basically, he was a spy.

The United States and the Soviet Union

The US and the USSR were the leaders of their respective sides during the cold war.

The United States competed with the Soviet Union during the Cold War by containing the Soviet Union from spreading communism. The U.S. did this by forming NATO, a group formed by President Truman in order to contain communism.

The Soviet Union, ever since after the cold war, it has been known as Russia.

Relations between US and Soviet Union during Cold War Relations between US and Vietnam during Vietnam war Soviet relations with PRC

They were afraid of the spread of communism.

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