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What was the Statute of Westminster?


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In 1931, the British parliament passed the Statute of Westminster, a law that gave formal recognition to all countries with Dominion status full independence, stating that they were bound by no laws but their own. This gave the dominions complete independence, but in some cases complete independence in some areas were not achieved until later. ex: The Supreme Court of Canada was the Privy Council in London until 1949. The power to amend the Canadian constitution remained in the hands of the British until 1982 because the provincial and federal governments couldn't agree upon the subject. Answer In order to make this full independence a complete reality, the Dominions - Canada, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa - had to pass their own legislation on constitutional matters in order to ensure that there were no legal gaps.

The delay referred to above in the case of Canada was exceptionally long.


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The start of the Statute of Westminister was on December 11,1931. The end is un-known.

it granted canada its independence.

1931 by the Statute of Westminster. There are 53 member nations.

After World War I, Canada and other Commonwealth countries felt the need for more independence. The Statute of Westminster was part of the process to grant full independence to many of the Commonwealth states. There was discussion between provincial governments of Canada vs. the federal government of Canada about the effect of The Statute of Westminster on the Canadian Constitution.

The goal of the First Statute of Westminter in 1275 was to reform English law and enforce the Magna Carta.

Canada was one of the original countries at the time of the Statute of Westminster 1931 which created the British Commonwealth.

The significance of The Statue of Westminster is that it recognized Canada's full independence from Great Britain and gave the country the ability to be involved in foreign affairs and have a passing its own legislation without approval from Great Britain.

Canada joined the Commonwealth when its independence was recognized under the Statute of Westminster. Arnold Smith was the first Commonwealth Secretary General.

For the act of union (1840) it is MDCCCXL For the Canadian Confederation (1867) it is MDCCCLXVII For the Statute of Westminster (1931) it is MCMXXXI

Australia joined the Commonwealth in 1931.This was when its independence was officially recognized under the Statute of Westminster. Australia was one of the founding members of the Commonwealth.

Canada was one of the original dominions at the time of the Statute of Westminster 1931 and therefore became part of the Commonwealth in December 1931

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That would be the Statute of Westminster, a result of the Balfour Declaration of 1926.

The Statute of Westminster was signed on December 11, 1931, inside the British Parliament. It signified that the Dominions of Britain (Canada, new zealand, South Africa, Parts of Australia and some other more minor places) would be able to be completely independent from Britain, IE. thus being able to remove or change British laws, rules, cultures etc. Hope that helps!

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Yes, Canada is still a member of the British Commonwealth. Indeed, Canada was a founder member of the Commonwealth in 1931 when its independence was recognised under the Statute of Westminster.

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