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What was the US's relationship with Germany like in 1917?

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Relations between the US and Germany were very strained as a result of the German policy of unstrestricted submarine warfare. In 1915 the sinking of the Lusitania played a key role in turning opinion in the US against Germany. In 1916 an attack on the Sussex resulted in Germany giving a solemn pledge not to attack pssanger vessels. However, a year later, Germany revoked this pledge. There was also the Zimmermann telegram.

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What were the results of the uss Maine explosion?

The explosion is that in 1917, in Helifax.

Does a Photo of USS Aztec crew sunk by German sub in 1917 exist?

There are photos of the USS Aztec. It was not sunk by a German sub.

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Did the sinking of the USS Maine turn American opinion against Germany?

No, the sinking of the USS Maine caused the Spainish-American War.

What did the USS Arizona battleship look like?

For photos, see website: USS Arizona

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History of uss dortch battleship?

USN battleships were named after US states; such as the USS Arizona, USS California, USS Nevada, USS New York, USS Texas, USS Tennessee, USS Oklahoma, USS Alabama, USS South Dakota, USS Washington, USS Mississippi, USS West Virginia, USS Utah, etc.

How many ships were bombed in Pearl Harbor?

USS ArizonaUSS CaliforniaUSS NevadaUSS OklahomaUSS West VirginiaUSS CassinUSS DownesUSS OglalaUSS Utah (BB-31)

What does the USS Arizona stand for?

first of all, "USS" stands for Unites States Ship in military, and the USA(united states of america) some times name their baatle ships or cruisers and all that with the states name like USS Oklahoma, USS Nevada, and USS West Virginia.

What frigates were used during the war OF 1812?

USS Constitution, the USS John Admas, the USS President, the USS United States, the USS Constellation, the USS Boston, The USS New York, and the USS Congress

How many World War 2 battleships are left?

USS Iowa USS New Jersey USS Missouri USS Wisconsin USS Alabama USS Massachusetts USS texas USS North Carolina

Name of any famous aircraft carrier?

USS Enterprise, USS Lexington, USS Saratoga, HMS Ark Royal, USS Franklin D. Roosevelt, USS Hornet, USS Yorktown, USS Essex, USS Nimitz,USS Ronald Reagan, and many others.

What were the names of the US aircraft carriers involved in World War?

To name a few: USS Bismarck Sea USS Lexington USS Yorktown USS Hornet USS Wasp USS Princeton USS Gambier Bay USS St. Lo USS Liscome Bay

What 8 battleships were at Pearl Harbor when the Japanese attacked?

USS Pennsylvania, USS Nevada, USS California, USS West Virginia, USS Arizona, USS Tennessee, USS Colorado, and the USS Utah (reclassified as a tgt ship/training ship).

What American ships were sunk in World War 2?

US warships sunk (permanently): 1. Battleships: USS Arizona, USS Utah (training ship at time of loss), USS Oklahoma. 2. Cruisers: USS Chicago, USS Vincennes, USS Helena, USS Atlanta, USS Indianapolis, USS Quincy, USS Houston, USS Juneau, USS Northhampton, USS Astoria. 3. Carriers (Fleet): USS Lexington, USS Yorktown, USS Hornet, USS Wasp. Carriers (Light): USS Gambier Bay, USS St Lo. Carriers (Escort): USS Bismarck Sea. 4. US Destroyers/Destroyer Escorts: 87 lost 5. US Submarines: 52 lost 6. US Patrol Torpedo Boats (PT Boats): 69 SUNK FOR TARGET PRACTICE 1946-1948 (in the Pacific Ocean): Battleships USS Pennsylvannia, USS New York, USS Arkansas, USS Nevada. Aircraft Carrier USS Saratoga (sister ship of USS Lexington).

What us navy ships served in Vietnam?


What were the names of the American Aircraft carriers in World War 2?

Well over 100 vessels to name, but here's some important ones: USS Yorktown, USS Hornet, USS Enterprise, USS Lexington, USS Saratoga, USS Wasp, USS Princeton, USS Gambier Bay, USS St. Lo, USS Bismarck Sea.

How man frigates were used in the war of 1812 by the US navy?

there were 8 frigates on the American sife- the USS Constitution, the USS John Admas, the USS President, the USS United States, the USS Constellation, the USS Boston, The USS New York, and the USS Congress

Which is bigger USS Arizona or uss Missouri?

USS Missouri.

I would like info on aircraft carriers in the battle at guadacanal in 1942?

Probably the Yorktown class: USS Yorktown, USS Hornet, USS Enterprise, and the single USS Wasp. USS Lexington had already been sunk prior to the Guadalcanal campaign. And the Light & Escort carriers hadn't arrived on station yet. USS Ranger was kept in the Atlantic, considered too vulnerable for Pacific work.

What ships were at Pearl Harbor?

* *USS California (Great Damage) * *USS Maryaland * *USS Oklahoma(Great Damage) * *USS Tennesse (Minor Damage) * *USS West Virgina (Sunk) * *USS Arizona (Sunk) * *USS Nevada (Tried to Escape in to Ocean But Failed) * *USS Pennsylvania (Wrecked) * USS=United States Ship

What were the names of the American battleships in World War 2?

The 27 Battleships in service during WW-II were (listed in order of their hull number):USS Utah - Became a target ship in 1931 and was no longer a battleship at the time of the Pearl Harbor attackUSS Wyoming - Became a training ship in 1931 and was used for gunnery training during WWII and not in a combat roleUSS ArkansasUSS New YorkUSS TexasUSS NevadaUSS OklahomaUSS PennsylvaniaUSS ArizonaUSS New MexicoUSS MississippiUSS IdahoUSS TennesseeUSS CaliforniaUSS ColoradoUSS MarylandUSS West VirginiaUSS North CarolinaUSS WashingtonUSS South DakotaUSS IndianaUSS MassachusettsUSS AlabamaUSS IowaUSS New JerseyUSS MissouriUSS WisconsinThe USS Utah and USS Wyoming were no longer considered battleships at the time WWII started for the US. Neither saw combat during WWII.The USS Utah and the USS Arizona were both sunk at Pearl Harbor. The USS Oklahoma, Nevada, California, and West Virginia were also sunk, but were refloated and repaired, excepting the Oklahoma, which sank during tow back to the US mainland. All the other battleships listed above participated in actual combat (either surface or anti-air). The US lost no further battleships from any cause during WW2.

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What were the names of the ships sunk at Pearl Harbor?

The list of ships sunk or damaged in the 1941 Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor is as follows:BattleshipsUSS ArizonaUSS TennesseeUSS NevadaUSS CaliforniaUSS OklahomaUSS MarylandUSS West VirginiaUSS PennsylvaniaEx-battleship USS Utah (used then as a training vessel)CruisersUSS HelenaUSS RaleighUSS HonoluluDestroyersUSS CassinUSS DownesUSS ShawAuxiliary ShipsUSS VestalUSS OglalaUSS CurtissOf the 18 ships damaged or sunk during the attack, only 3 were damaged/destroyed beyond salvage and repair, though their equipment and armaments were removed, repaired, and reused aboard other vessels:USS Arizona (forward magazine explosion)USS Oklahoma (capsized)USS Utah (capsized)All other vessels were refloated/repaired and placed back into service.