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The United States were on the Allies side after Japan attacked Pearl Harbor, Hawaii on December 12,1941. Before the war, the United States was neutral, trying to stay out of the war, hoping to minimize deaths.

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Q: What was the US's role before during and after World War 2?
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What was the role of the USS Lexington during world war 2?

In WW2 it was a fleet carrier, during the WW1 it batte cruiser

What were the names of the American battleships in World War 2?

The 27 Battleships in service during WW-II were (listed in order of their hull number):USS Utah - Became a target ship in 1931 and was no longer a battleship at the time of the Pearl Harbor attackUSS Wyoming - Became a training ship in 1931 and was used for gunnery training during WWII and not in a combat roleUSS ArkansasUSS New YorkUSS TexasUSS NevadaUSS OklahomaUSS PennsylvaniaUSS ArizonaUSS New MexicoUSS MississippiUSS IdahoUSS TennesseeUSS CaliforniaUSS ColoradoUSS MarylandUSS West VirginiaUSS North CarolinaUSS WashingtonUSS South DakotaUSS IndianaUSS MassachusettsUSS AlabamaUSS IowaUSS New JerseyUSS MissouriUSS WisconsinThe USS Utah and USS Wyoming were no longer considered battleships at the time WWII started for the US. Neither saw combat during WWII.The USS Utah and the USS Arizona were both sunk at Pearl Harbor. The USS Oklahoma, Nevada, California, and West Virginia were also sunk, but were refloated and repaired, excepting the Oklahoma, which sank during tow back to the US mainland. All the other battleships listed above participated in actual combat (either surface or anti-air). The US lost no further battleships from any cause during WW2.

Did the USS Yorktown sink during World War 2?

Yes, it did.

What battles did the USS Burleigh engage in during World War 2?


When was the USS Bowfin put into action during World War 2?


What class was the USS Signet?

USS Signet (AM-302) was an Admirable-class minesweeper built for the United States Navy during World War II.

What frigates were used during the war OF 1812?

USS Constitution, the USS John Admas, the USS President, the USS United States, the USS Constellation, the USS Boston, The USS New York, and the USS Congress

What are the name of the 18 sunken ships during pearl harbor?

USS Arizona, USS Virginia, USS Massatutues USS Saratoga,

US ship the Japanese surrendered on during World War 2?

The battleship USS Missouri.

On what island of Hawaii was the USS Arizona sunken during world war 2?

Oahu Oahu

Captain of the USS Enterprise during World War 2?

Captain Osborne Bennett Hardison.

What were the events of the USS Maine before and after?

the events before and after were tense and after the explosion of the USS Maine was explosive and sop that caused the USS to go to war against Spain.

How many World War 2 battleships are left?

USS Iowa USS New Jersey USS Missouri USS Wisconsin USS Alabama USS Massachusetts USS texas USS North Carolina

Can I get information on two US Navy brothers that got to meet in the Pacific during World War 2 they were on the USS Wicks and the USS Concord?

Bryant Brothers of Duluth Mn.

What was the first submarine to enter tokoyo bay during World War 2?

USS Sea Devil

What US Submarine was the first to enter Tokyo Bay during World War 2?

USS Shark

What were the names of the US aircraft carriers involved in World War?

To name a few: USS Bismarck Sea USS Lexington USS Yorktown USS Hornet USS Wasp USS Princeton USS Gambier Bay USS St. Lo USS Liscome Bay

How many battleships and aircraft carriers were sunk during world war 2?

The USN permanently lost: 1. Battleships USS Arizona, USS Utah, and USS Oklahoma. 2. Aircraft Carriers USS Lexington (at Coral Sea); USS Yorktown (at Midway); USS Hornet (at Santa Cruz Islands); USS Wasp (at Guadalcanal). 3. LIGHT Aircraft Carrier USS Princeton. 4. Six CVE's, Escort Carriers aka "Jeep Carriers."

What did the USS Arizona do during World War 1?

You can find the answer in USS ARIZONA by Joy Waldron Jasper, St.Martin's Press, 2001. If it is not in your local library, you can get it thru inter-library loan.

How many q-ships were there is World War 2?

5. The USS Atik, the USS Asterion, the USS Big Horn, The USS Captor, and the USS Irene Forstyle.

Name of us ship's sunk in World War 2?

To name a few, USS Arizona, USS Oklahoma, USS Utah, USS California.

What future US president served aboard the USS Monterey during World War 2?

Gerald Ford

Is there a list anywhere of the names of the 13 men that were killed aboard the USS O'Brien during the bombardment of Normandy before the invasion?

The US Navy destroyer USS O'Brien was sunk by a Japanese submarine off Guadalcanal.

What were the names of the American Aircraft carriers in World War 2?

Well over 100 vessels to name, but here's some important ones: USS Yorktown, USS Hornet, USS Enterprise, USS Lexington, USS Saratoga, USS Wasp, USS Princeton, USS Gambier Bay, USS St. Lo, USS Bismarck Sea.

How many battleships were lost by the US in World War 2?

USS Arizona, USS Utah, and USS Oklahoma are still on the bottom. However, the battleships USS Pennsylvania, USS New York, USS Nevada, and USS Arkansas are also on the bottom...sunk as targets after the war.