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The U.S.S. Missouri

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Q: What was the US battleship upon which the Japanese formally surrendered?
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Us battleship upon which the japanese formally surrendered on septemer 2 1945?

the USS. Missouri

Us battleship upon which the japanes formally surrendered?

USS Missouri (BB-63)

Us battleship which the Japanese surrendered upon on September 2 1945?

The USS Missouri.

US battleships upon which the Japanese formally surrendered on September 2 1945?

It took place on the USS Missouri

What was the pride battleship of the US Navy during World War 2?

USS Missouri because the Japanese signed the instrument of surrender upon her decks, ending WWII on 02 September '45.

When World War 2 in the Pacific end?

World War 2 officially ended when the Japanese Instrument of Surrender was signed upon the decks of the US Navy battleship USS Missouri on 02 September 1945.

Who was the president when world war 2 occurred?

Franklin D. Roosevelt was the President through most of World War II. However, he died in office five months before the war ended. He died on April 12, 1945, and the Japanese formally surrendered on September 2nd of that year. Harry S. Truman took office upon Roosevelt's death and was President for the remainder of the war.

When the USS Arizona sunk it started World War 2 right?

The Japanese surprise attack upon Pearl Harbor precipitated the entry of the US into WW2 . The battleship USS Arizona(BB-39) was sunk during this attack .

Japan finally surrendered after which event occurred?

During World War II, the event that served as the final catalyst for the Japanese surrender to the Allies was the dropping of a second atomic bomb upon Japan by American air forces. On August 9, 1945, the Japanese city of Nagasaki was destroyed completely by this bomb. Less than one week later, the Japanese initiated a total surrender to the Allies.

What describes the most important result of Russian defeat in the Russo Japanese war?

The creation and launching of Great Britain's battleship HMS Dreadnought which started a whole new naval arms race in both America and Europe which led directly into WWI. Dreadnought was built (1905) and launched in 1906 based upon the results of the Russo-Japanese War naval actions fought in 1905.

Where is the city of Kobe situated?

Where is Kobe situated?Upon the Japanese mainland .

What was European country upon which the Japanese constitution modeled?

Great Britain.

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