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The North had several strategies, but the one that finally worked was the Anaconda plan (originally called the boa-constrictor plan but later renamed). The plan was to surround the South through the Mississippi River and the coast and work their way in and find General Lee.

Essentially, the strategy that ended up working was the Anaconda Plan originated by then General in Chief Winfield Scott. This plan was given to President Lincoln well before the conflict was underway. Most critics scoffed at the plan as being one that would take too much time. Scott also explained that the war caused by the secession would be long and bloody. There again, no one believed him.

Scott ended up being correct on both counts. The plan is best explained as a simultaneous invasion of the South on three or more battlefronts, including the coastal blockade and the seizure of the Mississippi River.

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Q: What was the Union's war strategy during the US Civil War?
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Anaconda Plan

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The Anaconda Plan

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what was the unions plan of attack during the civil war

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I freaking hate social studies projects!

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Abraham su cked balls

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