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What was the Waffen SS?


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The term, Waffen-SS, means 'armed SS'. The Waffen-SS was a large paramilitary organisation under the strategic and tactical command of the Wehrmacht (German Armed Forces) but under the disciplinary command of the SS.

The name came into use during the opening months of World War Two, prior to which it was made up of formations of the Leibstandarde-SS 'Adolf Hitler', the SS-Verfugungstruppe, and SS-Totenkopfverbande.

Because the Wehrmacht had priority over recruiting, the Waffen-SS was only able to expand by recruiting foreign volunteers from Western and Eastern Europe. Accordingly, as the war progressed, Waffen-SS divisions were formed from western and eastern European volunteers in addition to existing German divisions. Non-German members of the Waffen-SS were not able to become members of the SS, and their Divisions were therefore termed 'Division der SS' or 'Freiwilligen Division der SS', never'SS Division'.


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Waffen-SS's motto is 'Meine Ehre heißt Treue'.

The Waffen-SS was the combat branch of the SS or security police. They were the best equipped combat troops of the German army.

Waffen means weapons. Waffen-SS usually hyphenated was the armed militarized segment of the SS. Three of the top divisions were on a par with regular Army Armored divisions- but only Three- Liebstandarte, Das Reich, and Totenkopf. The Totenkopf- Death"s Head was a full-up Panzer division and was called in in such things as the Warsaw Ghetto uprising. It should be understood not all SS-men were of the Waffen-SS in fact there were Allgemeine ( generalized) SS personnel who were among usual police tasks as traffic control, security around sporting events such as the Olympics, photographers, cryptographers, etc. These were not strictly speaking Waffen-SS as these were unarmed jobs- as many police agencies have and need.AnswerIn the sense that it is used in 'Waffen SS', the word 'waffen' simply means 'armed'. So, 'Waffen SS' means 'Armed SS'.

Hugo Ruf - Waffen SS - died on 1945-05-02.

Hugo Ruf - Waffen SS - was born on 1920-12-30.

Gerhard Fischer - Waffen SS - was born on 1922-11-12.

No, most Waffen SS members were reluctant to admit their involvement after the war. Many were charged with war crimes after the war.

The Nazi Waffen were superior because of the flamethrower.

The majority of SS officers fought in the Waffen-SS. Others, however, were in the Totenkopfverbaende and ran the concentration camps and death camps. Many Waffen-SS units comitted appalling atrocities.

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It was a Ukrainian division of the Waffen-SS.

No, the SS had a reputation for being kind to animals.

SS is the abbreviation for Schutzstaffel(protective squadron, in the sense of bodyguard).The Waffen-SS (armed SS) was the combat arm of the SS, an organ of the Nazi Party.The Waffen-SS saw action throughout World War II and grew from three regiments to over 38 divisions. It served alongside the Wehrmacht (regular army), but was never formally part of it. It was Adolf Hitler's will that the Waffen-SS never be integrated into the army but remain the armed wing of the Nazi Party and become an elite police force once the war was over.

The Waffen SS was formed by Hitler to be his personal bodyguards, but by 1942 the Waffen SS or SS for short was 500,000 strong. The Gestapo were German Military Police they were a branch of the SS, many feared the gestapo (if you disobeyed them they would shoot you on site even for women and children)

The cast of Die Waffen-SS - 1995 includes: Heinrich Himmler as himself Adolf Hitler as himself

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Heinrich himmler heydrick was important too

German Soldier or an Waffen SS Soldier.

Einsatzgruppen were, in layman's terms, the death squads of the Waffen SS.

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