Best Answer did a survey in 2006 of business owners and CEO's salaries. The survey shows that the average income is around $233,000. Note that this salary is in fact under the threshold that Obama would raise taxes on, so Obama will not raise taxes on the average small business owner. Also, this survey defined "small" as having 500 employees or less which is fairly liberal and certainly not what most Americans think of as a small business. I believe this is incorrect:

I believe its $258,400.

"According to the survey, the national average salary for the CEO/Partner/Owner job function is $258,400"

I also believe Obama's thresdhold is $250k/$200k (Family/Single) An important note also is that 98.1% percent of small-business filers have income too low to be subject to either of the top two tax rates. Since the floor of these is below $250,000, then 98.1% of small business filers will not see any increase with Obamas plan. ---Incorrect Definition of Small Business--- The definition of "small business" used for that survey is actually too narrow. The small business administration uses various factors, including revenues, for determining what a "small business" is and these factors vary by industry. A small business is an concern that is organized for profit, with a place of business in the United States, and which operates primarily within the United States or makes a significant contribution to the U.S. economy through payment of taxes or use of American products, materials or labor. Further, the concern cannot be dominant in its field, on a national basis. Finally, the concern must meet the numerical small business size standard for its industry. SBA has established a size standard for most industries in the U.S. economy. The most common size standards are as follow: 500 employees for most manufacturing and mining industries

100 employees for all wholesale trade industries

$7.0 million for most retail and service industries

$33.5 million for most general & heavy construction industries

$14.0 million for all special trade contractors

$0.75 million for most agricultural industries About one-fourth of industries have a size standard that is different from these levels. They vary from $0.75 million to $33.5 million for size standards based on average annual revenues and from 100 to 1500 employees for size standards based on number of employees. Several SBA programs have either alternative or unique size standards, such as the Small Business Investment Company Program.

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Q: What was the average income for small business owners in 2005?
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What was the average income for small business owners in 2006?

According to, the average income of a small business owner as of 2006 was $233,600.

What is the average net worth for small business owners?

ya mum

What are the different types of tax levy that small business owners should be aware of?

Small business owners need to be wary of taxes and both the state and federal levels. The majority of taxes are based on the amount of income generated by the business.

What is the average cost of small business?

There is no actual "average" cost for small business insurance. The cost is dependent on your business's income, and therefore cannot be calculated without more information.

What is the average cost of small business insurance?

There is no actual "average" cost for small business insurance. The cost is dependent on your business's income, and therefore cannot be calculated without more information.

How does the health care bill effect small business owners?

small business owners can now get healthcare.

What is one federal resource that can assist small business owners?

One federal resource that can assist small business owners is the U.S. Small Business Administration

What is the typical salary for a business owner?

There is no "typical" salary since business owners range from making nothing to earning billions a year. Maybe you mean what is the average salary? Even that question will give you a wide range since business owners and business executives are sometimes put in the same category. Small business owners average less than 100K while business executives average around 200k.

Where does one go to start a small business grant?

The Ontario government has several incentives for small business owners especially new business owners. Start by searching the government's website and follow links for small business owners. You can also call them to get more information.

What are the best softwares for small businesses?

There are various softwares that can be used by small business owners. Microsoft Office, as well as Quickbooks, can be used by business owners to help with their business.

What government assistance programs are available for small business owners?

The Small Business Administration (SBA) offers many loans and financing programs that are available to small business owners to help out their companies.

What are the average tax rates for small businesses?

The "average" tax rates for small business owners is a meaningless number. Net income tax rates are dependent on many factors including business expense, payroll, depreciation and a large number of other variables. Any average number you did come up with would be meaningless unless the number is qualified by many factors, and then it becomes a different question.

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