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What was the average salary for an NFL kicker in 1967?


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The average salary for an NFL kicker and punter is about $1,051,131 per year. They receive a base salary which can vary depending on the team they are on.

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According to Sports Illustrated, the average kicker/punter salary is $868,005. Viking's punter Chris Kluwe is the highest paid specialist in the NFL at about $5 mil.

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In both 2006 and 2007, the median salary for an NFL kicker was $1.4 million. The highest paid kicker in 2007 (sorting by cap value) was the Bills's Rian Lindell at $3.3 million. == ==

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The average NFL salary for the 2005 season was $1.4 million and the average salary for a starter was $2,259,000.

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