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When The Lights Go Down

Magic Power

Never Surrender

Allied Forces

Midsummer's Daydream

Lay It On The Line

Time Canon

Time Goes By

Rock n Roll Machine

Guitar Solo


Follow Your Heart

Rocky Mountain Way

Fight The Good Fight

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Q: What was the band triumph setlist in 1985?
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When did Triumph - band - end?

Triumph - band - ended in 1993.

When was Triumph - band - created?

Triumph - band - was created in 1975.

How do you get your origonal setlist for rock band 1 into rock band 2?

The system transfers it automatically is you have it on your hard drive.

How long is the rock band 2 endless setlist?

7 hours with no breaks

When was Triumph Street Pipe Band created?

Triumph Street Pipe Band was created in 1971.

How do you unlock endless setlist on rock band 2?

get 900 stars on world tour

When was Stages - Triumph album - created?

Stages - Triumph album - was created in 1985.

What are the release dates for Bassmasters - 1985 Tennessee Triumph?

Bassmasters - 1985 Tennessee Triumph was released on: USA: 4 July 2010

Witch is better guitar hero world tour or rock band 1?

Rock Band. This is coming from a guitar hero fanboy, world tour is pretty cool but rock band has the better setlist

Can you pause in the endless setlist 2 in Rock Band 2?

Yes, but you'll lose the chance to get the achievement "Bladder of Steel"

What are the release dates for National Geographic Explorer - 1985 Triumph of the Nomads 1-126?

National Geographic Explorer - 1985 Triumph of the Nomads 1-126 was released on: USA: 24 November 1985

When was the Canadian band Triumph formed?

The Canadian hard rock band Triumph was formed in 1975. The trio met in 1975 and stayed together until Ric Emmett left the band in 1988 for a solo career.

How do you get the gold drums icon on Rock Band 2?

I believe you have to complete the endless setlist 2 on hard. You will also have a gold drumset sitting in your closet.

What rock band sings lay it on the line?

Triumph sings this song

If you play guitar on hard on endless setlist 2 do you get the gold icon for guitar and bass or just guitar for rock band 2?

It just gives you the medal for guitar

How long does the endless setlist 2 take?

In Rock Band 2 you need to do the endless set list 2 to get the steel bladder achievement. It takes about 6 hours.

What are the release dates for American Masters - 1985 Celebrating Bird The Triumph of Charlie Parker 4-5?

American Masters - 1985 Celebrating Bird The Triumph of Charlie Parker 4-5 was released on: USA: 17 August 1989

How long does the endless setlist 2 in take rock band 2?

I took me some where between 6 hourse and 30 mins to 7 hours without breaks or pausing.

How do you get a gold singer icon on rock band 2?

I believe that you have to complete the Endless Setlist on hard with the vocals for the gold icon medium gets an invert and expert gets you a platinum.

How do you adjust watch band on triumph watch?

, our Triumph watch from MIO allows for the face to be 'popped' out by hand and placed into another band (different colors). As far as fit, each band has the same size options. If you have any questions DM me on twitter @MIOwatch. Best, Blaine

What is the setlist for guitar hero encore rocks the 80s?

I posted two links to the full setlist to Guitar Hero Encore: Rocks the 80s.

Can you make your own songs on Rock Band the video game?

Actually yes. There is this program in the Rock Band Music Store called Audition Mode. You put in an mp3 of a song, make your own chart for drums, guitar, bass, or microphone, and put it in your setlist.

When did Cashmere - band - end?

Cashmere - band - ended in 1985.

When did The Europeans - band - end?

The Europeans - band - ended in 1985.

When did Jaguar - band - end?

Jaguar - band - ended in 1985.