What was the basis for the invention of the atomic bomb?

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When the war was over in Europe because Germany surrendered, the Allies wanted to end the war quick. However, Japan was still a strong force and occupied many islands surrounding it. The Allies, especially the United States, were losing thousands of men trying to conquer each island. The United States decided to create the atomic bomb to scare the Japan and make them surrender immediately. The U.S. did not want to lose anymore men by conquering small islands.

The atomic bomb was made to end World War 2 quickly and save the lives of millions of Allied soldiers.
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Who invented the atom bomb?

During WW2 this was done under the Manhattan Project. There was a large team of scientists, the chief one was Dr Robert Oppenheimer. . Professor Rudolph Peierls and Otto Fri

What country invented the atomic bomb?

The atomic bomb was not invented by any country, it wasinvented in 1933 by Leo Szilard (he was in London at the time, sowhen he patented the invention he sold it to the Brit

When was the atom bomb invented?

Answer . It was conducted by the United States on July 16, 1945,This wasthe first atomic bomb invented and tested. It was conducted by the United States on July 16, 1945,T

When was the Atomic Bomb invented and used?

Answer . It was finished in the 1940s and has been tested at various places since then. The most notable uses were at Nagisaki and Hiroshima Japan - August 1945.

Who invented the atomic bomb and the hydrogen bomb?

Leo Szilard invented the atomic fission bomb in 1933 inLondon while crossing a street. He applied for a patent on it in1934 and was granted that patent (GB630726) in 1936, at

Why invent the Atomic Bomb?

To have a massive technological and military advantage over your enemy, enough to end the war and prevent millions of deaths. So goes the rationale.

Who invented atomic bombs?

Leo Szilard, a Hungarian Jew living in London at the time, in 1933.He patented it in 1934, the patent GB630726 was granted in 1936 andimmediately classified to prevent Nazi

Was the atomic bomb invented in US?

Yes. The theory for an atomic bomb was actually proposed by German scientist, Albert Einstein. Robert Oppenheimer led research and development under Manhatten Project . No
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Why did the atomic bomb get invented?

Mainly because a few physicists who had recently escaped Nazi Germany believed that the Germans were working on one, and convinced the US government that it was necessary for
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Who invented the atomic bomb and how was it constructed?

The atomic bomb was invented in 1933 by Leo Szilard in London, but not built until 1945 in Los Alamos. For details on its construction read Richard Rhodes book: The Making o
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What was the atomic bomb used for when invented?

when leo szilard invented the neutron chain reaction in 1933 it was used for nothing as it could not yet be built. his 1934 patent on it suggests using it as a more efficien